Too many nerfs!


Just looked on metahub and it mentioned all the dinos that attacks are being nerfed to balance out the game. Problem is the legendary and unique creatures seem to be getting weaker so whats the point in all the effort to get them if these dinos are gnna get nerfed? Like tuojuangosaurus unique with paramoloch lost 500 attack! Making it weaker than most legendary. So it has 2 x stunning rampage so what? So do other leg dinos. There has to be a distinctiom between each clasd of dino and while there is to a point that distinction seems to be going lower and lower.

Erlidominous seems to another with v low health and the gamble with cloak is just that a gamble. I feel the game is limiting itself to luck more and more on the part of the player especially those who work hard to get good dinos.

On the other hand though weaker players do need a chance so I understand the need to have moves that stun, slow etc but if you have a unique it should smash many dinos for fun. What do other players think?

Just keep in mind there is the issue of how long battles take, the commonness of many dinos these days in legendary status and the fact its all luck of who picks what in round 1


There should be a distinction between a common, rare, epic, legendary and unique versions of a dino.

Either they get more health, more speed, more armor, more damage or higher chance of critical hits or what ever depending on the strength of that particular creature in its common form.

This is what should promote wanting to have these and build them up because after all the work to get those, it should give you a better chance to win in battles.

The fusing versions of things should give you the combination of two strengths. such as speed and armor or speed and damage or high damage and armor… etc.


I don’t get why tuomoloch was nerfed.


Elridominus is the worst unique i think, he lack of of life, speed and some skill of armor piercing, even indominus is better xd


They need to stop changing the dinos every month. It has forced me to stop buying coins and to just play for free because I can’t see dumping a bunch of money into dinos that could become almost useless next month. It’s very annoying.