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Too many parks missing in-game


There are a lot of parks in my city that are not acknowledged as such in JWA’s map. All of them are mapped as parks in Google maps, but the game doesn’t match the database.


Same here, hardly any parks that are on google maps show up on jwa. And I have such a stego shortage :frowning:


Yeah it’s strange in my city Jwa consider parks some private gardens of some villas but it doesn’t consider the biggest public park of the city, that is now a huuuuge empty space

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I have a local park and a nature reserve in my town, neither of them are considered parks. The only ones that are considered parks are a small memorial garden and strangely the nearby football field. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Same problem here. The only thing this game considers a park nearby is a children’s playground area (covered in bushes, just to make sure you look extra suspicious when darting dinos).


Hey giardinoni, I’m sorry to hear that there are some locations in your area that aren’t showing as parks in the game. Sadly, as the content provider for the game is responsible for the park’s locations, there is not really much our team can do in making adjustments to these locations at the moment.


What does “content provider” mean? If the content provider is Google maps, those parks I am referring to are mapped as parks on Google maps (I understand that JWA is “powered by Google maps”).
Is there any perspective for future updates of the map?
Thanks for the answer.


It is possible that park locations could change in the future based on real-world data information. If you could email our team here at with the location and name of your park, our team would be happy to document the information for you.

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