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Too many PvP bugs

  1. “short freezes” for 3-4 sek. If you make yours turn fast - not a problem.
  2. “game crush”. Very rare bug happens no more then once a day and only on PvP event.
    3)“you can’t do anything”. The most annoying and very frequent bug(every 3-5 battle). Game don’t freeze you can select yours abilities can’t do any more. Only reload game fix this bug… but you miss 4-5 turns.

And finally, not a bug, but clumsy selection of opponents I’ve ever seen. Opponents can have 3x PvP points and much more power.


Interesting I never get 1 or 3 but my game crashes every PvP battle (since latest update) typically at the conclusion of the battle but sometimes right at the start or during :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes all this begin after latest update. And reload game before PvP reduce chances this issues happens.

Alkes, these PvP match-ups are a glitch that occurs while ToM style adventures are ongoing. Unfortunately the Ludians are adamant these match-ups are acceptable even though neither player will likely enjoy or benefit from such mismatches.

It is possible the intent is too make it unfavorable to play Battle Mode PvP while ToM style events are ongoing. This may compel more players to play the ToM events.

Dominate is frustrating. More than half the time mine is resisted while far more than half of
The time on the receiving end it hits. Then usually game over.

What frustrates me most in PvP is that when my next player to move is killed I get a skipped turn but when I kill their next-to-move character it just moves to the next one and they get to go again anyway. How could this be? How could it really be anything other than a bot if this is happening? Have any of you other players had this issue? For me it happens every match. If I’m Really playing a live person somewhere else in the world are they getting two shots in a row while I eat skipped? BS!

Your hero gets killed by the enemy on its turn, your next turn doesn’t get skipped. Your hero dies of poison damage at the beginning of the hero’s turn your hero has already taken its turn and died even though it feels like your turn has been skipped.

I get that. But what about when the wizard uses kill on your next hero to move? It should move to the player after rather than giving another turn to the other player. When I use my wizard to kill the very next player in their queue then it moves to their next hero and gives them a turn next instead. I don’t get a second shot. Only get a skip when I’ve disarmed or used dominate( which works a little less than half the time for me). Anyhow. It seems like a glitch. I’ve never got to go twice after killing the next hero up but happens to me frequently.

There is a counterattack bug during pvp. It seems that when counterattack is activated on Tommus, Faridah and Saarvin only Tommus will counter when hit with a zoned attack. Shouldn’t all characters with activated abilities counter? The worst offender is Faridehs epic boots

Nah it because if you have more then one counterattack up if multiple target with it get hurt you only get 1 of them working

Nope there is a long standing bug in which the turn sometimes gets skipped

If I recall correctly the noted postponement or skipping of one hero’s turn in PvP is intentional.
This was discussed in the forums a few months ago and I believe it was confirmed that the reason a hero’s turn is often skipped/postponed after a kill is due to a team initiative reset.

[Note: I searched the thread where this was discussed but could not find it. As such I admit my comments above are based on my own recollection of past discussions]

The team initiative reset was fixed a few patch ago

Finaly i understand how this idiotic pvp sistem work. Now my opponents mutch lower then me.