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Too many raids added ludia

I feel that this update ludia added too much raids. We have weekends raids now but everyone should rest on weekends and focus on tournaments only. I cant barely do weekend raids. I only could do raids from monday till friday.

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I agree there are also too many cunning apex bosses

Personally, tournaments for me are getting my 10 takedowns and never touching them again for the most part. I don’t have the spare coins to throw into tournament creatures, and getting stomped by those that do isn’t an enjoyable experience, so I don’t mind having something to do on weekends now.


I agree with the “too many raids” thing, but I am more than happy to welcome Apex’s on the weekends imo.

I don’t see why everyone thinks they need to do every single raid. Do whichever ones you need most or want. I personally am probably only going to do hydraboa, haast and scropius. The only problem with too many raids is the number of raids on the map.