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Too many raids

Cut down on the number of raids, please. We all need a life outside of JWA.


Number of Raids? Do you mean the number of creature bosses? You don’t have to play them all.


In my opinion more the better. If there’s more than one you can pick and choose which raids you want to compete in.


I think having one of each rarity per day is fine. You only get the full rewards from one of each every day anyway, so its not too unreasonable. People do have a life outside of JWA, but you don’t have to do them all. Besides, low level players can’t do the unique and Apex raids, and Epic raids are very quick. If anything, they should cut down on the number of turns per raid for some of the longer ones. Once you work out a sustainable strategy, the extra turns are just a matter of slowly wearing down the boss.


I do agree about the number of turns being the most annoying thing about raids. They are totally unnecessary and time wasting.


Actually, Mortem only takes 10 min, Parrish takes like 15, all epics take like 5, and the uniques take 15 to 20 min while lux takes 20 min. I don’t think that takes to much time but you don’t even have to do them. It’s like not much dna but for apexes, you just need to find time. If u don’t have time I don’t recommend doing the legendary and epic

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The real annoying part that adds unnecessary time to raids is the dead air between turns, where it just shows the battlefield and you can’t do anything.

As for the number, not everyone can participate in every raid. Having raids that people with only epics can complete is great. Don’t try to ruin it for them just because you don’t have time to do them all and get FOMO.


I’ve gotten so I only play ones in range. I like the idea of 3 different ones in one day so there is a bigger chance of getting one in range. I really wish they would have them spawn in different locations throughout the day but that is a dream I suppose.

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I do all raids because I want to be a comlletionist. I hate raids. I don’t enjoy them and the big pause between moves when it’s just froze in the air for like 10 seconds is lame. 2 rounds was annoying then 3 and 4 I mean come on, for what? Just do one round and let us fight and cut out the big pauses. They just last too long. Then the updates with nerfs ad buffs doesn’t help the situation either. Especially when it was so close together.


I won’t do most of them anyway, only if someone needs help, of course I’ll try with the apex ones and grypo (which I actually need), but why bother with useless stuff like Megalosuchus, or the over the top almost impossible Pyrri? I don’t mind the fact that there are plenty of them, but give us something good at least…

I’ve already stopped doing the raids that don’t give me DNA for my team members. They’re the only time I’ll turn my nose up at free DNA. Too long for too little a reward, especially with the pointless pauses between every move.


Just don’t do ones you don’t feel like doing. Smilonemys for example, I could’ve had that cat ages ago from raids, yet I’ve only done the raid 3 times because that’s the amount of times I’ve felt like doing it.

It really is a simple as to do them if you want to, and don’t do them if you don’t want to.

If we all wanted to we would do 9 hours of Giga scents plus the other scents we get.

So really, just do whatever makes you happy.

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Wait you don’t do 9 hours of giga scents…


Plus we get more hard to obtain dna. Also its a nice addition instead of just strike towers and the arena

You know the game and phones in general have an off switch right?

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The problem with having 4 Raids per day now is that on Mortem for example there is even LESS chance that it will be in one of the 4 players circles.

Before it would just be Mortem, so plenty on the map, now knowing Ludia’s appalling distribution system someone will have to travel to find it which isn’t necessarily easy during current climate or considering some groupsd will have organised times such as during breaks at work where they may not be able to go out hunting them.

I love the fact there are more raid creatures, but it seems Ludia is just dumping them all on us in a complete mess.

What would have been so wrong about including 1 or 2 each day on the weekly schedule and rotating them? To much thinking? Or too much chance of more mistakes on the schedule???


I don’t really get why raid bosses have to be on the map at all… their more of an arena feature and could have easily be handled on a seperate tab their. I mean what’s really the point of making one person find it on the map.

I get from a marketing perspective having the Dino’s on the map looks better. But as long as 75% of the raid can be at home it just seems silly to tie it to the at portion of the game.


I think that for now the number of raids is fine, but at some point I think that they have to change the boss weekly because they will be too many!

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Number of bosses is OK like 2-3 per day. We need to move bosses from Thursday to Friday! Tournaments can take place from Saturday to Sunday.