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Too many raids

There needs to be raids on the weekends. Many of us have lives throughout the week, and JOBS


It’s not USUALLY a problem because someone is usually by the raid you want and even if not interested can start a lobby for others and leave…
Then there’s last Tuesday.
Lux everywhere.
Anyone got a Mammo?
No. “I’m at work.” “I’m watching the kids.”
I see one down the street and it’s been an hour on discord with no one close to one.

Who had to go out in plaid jammies to be a mobile command and control center before 9AM?
This guy!
That should not be a thing and there should be a better way to do this.
Like @GPx said this is going to get worse with more dinos.


Reading the posts, it seem like nobody is really helping alliance members to do the raids? We are a very casual alliance, and about one third of our members did get some Mortem/Hadros DNA so far… So, for me, having so many raids is bad, because we will no longer be able to help each other as much as we used to for all the possible raids. There’s only so much time in a day…

I don’t think it is about members not helping as such, but that not everyone is on at the same time. I work shifts and I’m sure others in my Alliance do as well. I don’t have super high level hybrids to do things like Mortem Rex and Lux, so I need the right team if I am to ever get some of their DNA. If Raids took place at weekends, I’d have more chance of working with everyone.


Correct there are too many raid dinos. I dont want to see raids on friday, saturday or sunday. Then they should replace maybe sino with trex or smilo with indo

And we dont need the next apex in the next weeks we got 3 now it enough

Why not alternate by having raids on weekends one week/fortnight and then during the week the following week/fortnight? This would give those who work weekdays raid times and also give those who have weekend or different work times a chance to take part.

It’s a game so a little flexibility is also a plus, just not TOO flexible or then you can’t plan properly.

Spreading that many out for the full week, including weekends, only makes sense or alternating the uniques and legendaries every other week. I understand not wanting to interrupt tourney participation, but explore is ignored. Raids have impacted the time it takes every week to dart the requirements for missions.

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Totally agree with you, raids are affecting the Alliance missions.
20 minutes for hadros is excessive, and thats not counting the amount of time wasted, if the raiders have to find a specific raid and then getting invites to actually work.

Honestly they probably will start rotating them eventually, but not until they get more bosses. They’ll probably do 4 per day and rotate every week. Once they have one of each rarity per day, it’ll look less random. That way they can get 32 bosses (8 of each rarity) vs 16 bosses (4 of each rarity).

I think long-term this will have to be the solution. It’d certainly open up more options for Apex creatures, since you could in theory get up to a guaranteed 16 Apex creatures (one each Raid day), plus one other each day.

I think 3 per day is pretty ideal, personally. 2 or 4 are fine, but 3 is right in the sweet spot.

Maybe they should keep the apex at all times and rotate the others weekly or bi weekly. 13 raids is a bit much. I like to do everything in the game but I like to try and live too.

I work way too many hours, play the game, manage my team on discord, and am trying to train a second team. All I do is work and play the game.

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