Too many times of "Waiting for opponent to be ready" this weekend

What is “waiting for opponent to be ready?” If it’s not matched, then please wait at “search for opponent” screen. If the opponent is found, why 4 out 5 times I have gotten “waiting for opponent” screen this weekend? It becomes unplayable now, with most of the time wasted on this one-minute count down. I rebooted so many times, but still got this message most of the time.

Please use AI if there are not many players available to match. Very frustrated for so much time wasted on this “waiting for opponent” bug


Spent 40 minutes, and only got 2 incubators, with most of the time spent on waiting. What a waste of time.

It’s been like that the whole month. The good thing is that it counts as battles if you wait for the end of the countdown. So that helps defense missions.

The worst thing though is that often the first countdown of 30 seconds stops after 1 or 2 seconds and you are robbed of the possibility of battling the AI while at the same time not being matched with anyone. Why does the first countdown stops so fast if you are not matched with someone???

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