Too many tricks, tournament is a joke


It keeps coming now. Indominus can hit twice in a row. That is impossible. Only against Stegodeus after the defence. I will stop playing now. Not just because of that but also because of the fact that the whole tournament story is just a way for you guys to get things straight again with that 5000 limit and another way to make people want to spend even more money. The rich will dominate the game too much. That is the downfall of the game. With pokemon go you could close the gap by playing more. This is a gap you can’t fill as a normal man and it will kill the game. Plus the fact that I’ve had an issue with the earning money section. I never recieved the money after downloading and playing a game to meet the requirements. And you guys are saying that I should complain with that tsjap company and it’s not your responsibility. That is bull. There are many nice things in the game and I’m not cheap to spend some money as I already did, but now it’s too much. The compensation is too low (read close to none) for those who work hard in the game. In the end you will lose your real fans and will be stuck with buyers only. (you can buy your love online, doesn’t mean there’s love)