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Too many trophies

If we’re working on trophies for matchmaking, why on earth am I being awarded 40 trophies for beating your AI pity-opponents? Clearly if I’m losing that much because you’re matching me against opponents 3 or 4 levels higher with half a team of uniques and boosts out the wazoo, you’re kind of telling me I’m sitting at too high a count.

So why the heck are you KEEPING me here? Just award me the incubator so I have an incrememtal shot at making my team better, but keep the trophies for when I beat a human opponent. Forcing me to go higher only to encounter another losing streak is confoundingly counter-productive!

Sorry, what? You get trophies for beating an ai?

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As long as its the pity ai… aka after you loose two matches in a fow… and your lower then Avairy yes.

The ai option after match making times out does not reward trophies.

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Yep, although I’ll add I’m mid-Aviary (4650-ish) and got those trophies too. Maybe it ends after Aviary instead? But it shouldn’t be happening AT ALL imo. Unfit for the position is unfit for the position regardless of where you are on the ladder.

I wonder what the cut off is i hover between 4800-4900 and dont get them.

This feels like an attempt to push more teams up the ladder… as the teams that beat you get higher and eventually hit library the new norm for avairy will change… there are some 50-60k players between sorna and high avairy… and only 10k players above 4900… so spreading those players out some does make sense. But yeah its rough right now… im still getting matched with 28/29s… hopefully it gets better but if this is an intentional goal they need to look at the reset zone for next season.

I suggested a few times last few months Ludia do more to get a larger percentage of their player base up the ladder and I feel they took me to litterally because I ment give more opportunities to earn dna while avoiding things like st pattys day and i wrote this.

I like the pity AI’s. Maybe this is why when I’m looking at who I’ve been battling to where I just hit Avairy and a few hundred levels up when I look at those in my alliance the team and player level take a 3-4 level jump. There must be a brick wall around 4800.

The level range for avairy seems to be 21-28 with the occasional over leveled rare at 30…

When im north of 4900 i fight monsters… and when im south of 4800 i become the monster…