Too much DNA


After getting the same DNA over and over again we need some way of removing this excess. Trading it in for coins, cash or a new incubator would be of help here

Coins, a little useless aren't they

yes all these commons burns alot of coins what happens if it reaches max lvl


Right there with ya. Though at least this one’s useful.


that probably cost around 9k coins total


Totally agree!!! Or at least be allowed to apply the DNA points to another dino. That would be awesome!!


How would that make any sense, lol.


I’d love this.
It’s not so bad receiving DNA for fusion-dinos, but most of the time you end up with too much Gen 2…


“Too much DNA?”

What is this heresy? There is never too much DNA! :wink:




WTH that is one big coin sap


… I love my Tarbosaurus.



Wow, I thought I had a lot of Deinocheirus and Stygimoloch gen 2 with 10+k each. Impressive!


You are going to need the extra Apatosaurus DNA to fuse a Nodopatosaurus. 200 DNA at a time. And then you need to keep fusing it in order to increase Nodopatosaurus DNA to get Stegodeus. So don’t go above level 10 on you Apatosaurus, I save up Nodosaurus while you are at it.

I expect that some Dino’s will need DNA for future updates. Either new hybrids or something else. I’m gathering excess in reserve - not that I have a whole lot of choice with my coin reserves down


Don’t know I forgot I should use for an Amargocephalus which I then can fuse into Trygodistis, or fuse into a Gigaspikasaur.


Addendum: Would you believe I actually missed out on all three days of getting Tarbosaurus DNA as well? It was a busy week, and all I got was 3/36, with all three being Apatosaurus.

Speaking of which, they’re already limited by the event; why the heck are they despawning for so long???


Maybe this way (exchange):
1 normal DNA = 1 coin.
1 rare DNA = 2 coins.
1 epic DNA = 4 coins.


Oh I know, I have a Nodopata. All that came from the event and the loads of wild ones I find. Lol, well stocked.


I don’t want coins I want to trade for dna for other dinosaurs! Right now I am stuck with almost 10,000 stego dna and the triceratops is no where to be found to level up my stegoceratops! If I am lucky enough to get 50 or 100 the crappy game will give me 10 fusion dna twice! It takes forever to level up anything in the game!


I guess the real problem here is not being able to trade dna for something else but actually introducing more diversity in the battle incubators.


One thing that will never happen is being able to trade with other players because that will bring out a all new illegal business venture of people selling dna after spoofing but trading in or selling in the game would be great but it needs diversity! I spend around 50 to 100 dollars per month on the game and I get most of the good for sale incubators so I never need coins!

What would be a good system is if you sell an epic you get half it’s dna value that would go toward another epic! In other words if I have 200 epic dna of one I don’t want I trade it and get an incubator that has 100 and goes to any of my epics randomly!

The developers seem to love the random aspect of the game!:joy::joy: So this will please them!

They can possibly give us a choice also of getting 2 different types of incubator for sale of dna! 1 with resources like coins and stuff and 1 with only dna!