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Too much fish?


Hi there,

I am enjoying playing RoB (1.39.10 L), thanks. My Toothless is now level 54 and I often find myself with not enough wood and too much fish.
When I try to use it to get rid of the excess, I can think of only 3 ways:

  • feed a dragon
  • harvest a piece of forest
  • send Toothless on a Journey.
    Since the number of fishing and logging places is usually the same, I realize that I must have collected and used mostly fish-gathering dragons so I end up with excess fish.
    Wood instead is needed to:
  • train dragons for normal levels and to titan level
  • building upgrades (Meade Hall, Academy, catapult…)
  • expand Berk
  • Defend missions
    Also, a failed attempt to titan training in practice converts wood into fish.
    I did not consider upgrades for fish basin, fish huts, wood stack and sawmill as they mirror each other (until now).
    So… my question is this:

is my experience caused by a series of random events or is the balance between the two resources actually skewed toward wood ?
Are there other ways to use fish I have not seen or forgotten ?


I think it shifts a lot depending on where you are in the game. Also the dragons you choose to become your iron gathering dragons can shift the resources you need as well. One week I will find myself short on fish and a week later find my fish full but short on wood.


Indeed. I am now basically only training dragons and I need more fish than wood.
I posted the question mainly in the hope that someone would give a hint about the game that I missed.


Have the opposite problem, have too much wood around 13G in my email and can’t collect from all dragons. But have loads of dragons that I could feed. Most dragons on Berk are maxed, or at least the main one’s I use. Now onto upgrading dragons because I need to spend the resources.

Once I have the last seasonal statue (Summer), will focus on collecting amber and upgrading statues for Shellfire (need 3 at level 5), but this will take me in the region of three years. Might actually give up collecting wood/fish as this just takes way to long each time you log in.

Other than working on collecting for ‘Purple Death’ which is slow and painful, but will get there eventually even if this takes years to complete.


Other than working on collecting for ‘Purple Death’ which is slow and painful, but will get there eventually even if this takes years to complete.

Here’s a tip: don’t trade in any other collection until you have Purple Death, and send every dragon rider on journeys to find items. All of my collections were filled up but not traded in, and it took me less than 2 months to complete the Purple Death’s collection.


I am not nearly close to get the Purple Death but I think I figured out this much:
In the early stages (without iron), leveling dragons needs more fish than wood. When building Berk, it’s the other way around.
With iron in the game, it really depends on which dragons are used to collect and what they use.
One thing I noticed one can do to get rid of extra wood is to use it to get dragons at Titan level. Every attempts returns half of the spent wood as fish.