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Too much fish?


Hi there,

I am enjoying playing RoB (1.39.10 L), thanks. My Toothless is now level 54 and I often find myself with not enough wood and too much fish.
When I try to use it to get rid of the excess, I can think of only 3 ways:

  • feed a dragon
  • harvest a piece of forest
  • send Toothless on a Journey.
    Since the number of fishing and logging places is usually the same, I realize that I must have collected and used mostly fish-gathering dragons so I end up with excess fish.
    Wood instead is needed to:
  • train dragons for normal levels and to titan level
  • building upgrades (Meade Hall, Academy, catapult…)
  • expand Berk
  • Defend missions
    Also, a failed attempt to titan training in practice converts wood into fish.
    I did not consider upgrades for fish basin, fish huts, wood stack and sawmill as they mirror each other (until now).
    So… my question is this:

is my experience caused by a series of random events or is the balance between the two resources actually skewed toward wood ?
Are there other ways to use fish I have not seen or forgotten ?