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Too Much In The Way

Can you please make it so we can hide or turn off/on the bosses.Heck while you’re at it, make it so we can hide the battle cylinders too. I cant get the green box nor the creature under it, because of a useless lvl 8 boss.


Sorry but you are on Jurassic World: The Game forum. And by the way Welcome.

I believe this goes to Jurassic World Alive’s Forums.

this is jurassic world alive…

I think he created this topic in the JWTG forum and was transferred here.

ah I see

I’ve asked for this before. I still support it, especially since today I nearly missed an epic strike because of a Mammotherium standing on top of the actual strike event… Even when it moved, it still took me a long time to get that strike.

Couldn’t select the Scent Strike Event because every time I tried it selected the Boss instead. Even when the boss wasn’t near it like in the picture.

I agree with this one. I had a Troodon yesterday that no matter how I approached it I could not dart it because of a boss. This happens quite often. Please give us the option to turn items off.

Wait you actually get bosses?

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It was on Jwtg forum. I guess it’s corrected now.