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Too much love for some, too little for others

I always get useless dna (carbonemys, woolly mammoth/rhino, sinoceratops) for epic. I am working on BOTH Stygiadryx and Quetzorion and I can’t find Pteranodon dna and it’s even harder to find Darwinopterus dna! For God’s sake, Darwinopterus has 2 unique hybrids, you’d think dna would be plentiful! I continuously have to put it in sanctuaries just to get ANY dna out of it and even then I always get 10 dna fuses for darwezopteryx and even worse, after I FINALLY save up 50 dna, I get 10 dna fuses for Stygiadryx. All I’m asking for is 1 week to give these Pterosaurs some love, to stop leaving them in the dust for long periods of time.Screenshot_20210307-150014_JW Alive Screenshot_20210307-150004_JW Alive


I agree I would like some pteradon dna but I also need loads of mammoth.

are you working on mammolania, i have 240 dna with it locked. i have plenty of mammoth, you wouldn’t havr thought that elasmotherum would be the problem. no one puts it in the sanc which makes it so hard

I’d be happy to take that dna lol
Anyhow, a pterosaur week would certainly help and be useful imo


Yes I have started working on it(mammolania)never actually seen a mammoth in the wild I depend on the events for the dna which kinda sucks.

In which world exactly are rhino and mammoth useless?

Pteranodon is a local 3 spawn, darwin global, both super easy

No, they’re not at all. The last time I saw 1 pteranodon was 2 weeks ago and I don’t remember the last time I saw darwinopterus. And I currently have no use for the woolly creatures. Even then, i only managed 70 dna off it because I was driving and had to pay attention to the road.

Same for me but with rex, diplo, spino2, and pryo. i have tons and tons of darwin, pteranodon and other epics but i just can’t get those 4 often oh and erliko

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t rex have a global spawn, and spino as well during dusk and dawn?

i can’t go out often sadly so i can only so giga scents and yet i don’t find any rexes just kentro/ useless epic deer and carbo. also spino gen 2 is probably the hardest global to find btw, dusk and dawn not easy

You may now, but you won’t later. Soon as you come to making the hybrids it doesn’t matter if you have 1500 (what i started out with in darwin), it’ll go to 0 in the blink of an eye. But I see rex everyday, it’s strange you’re not seeing it.

Omg I would give you 20k Ptera DNA right now if I could

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Sino is a great Dino, you need it to lvl up Thor, da Stig isn’t much use as u move into higher lvls.

I have 3k sino dna, I just don’t have enough coins to evolve my thor while also working on pterosaurs at the same time.

The DNAs of these birds are among the easiest to obtain, along with those of Concavenator, Eucladoceros, Baryonyx and Koolasuchus.

They are for YOU but not for ME and apparently a vast majority of my other alliance members. You can get all that dna but that doesn’t mean I can too. However, I will agree with the other 4.

Also, you’ve got over 1000 bucks and you’re max level while I’m level 17 and don’t even have 100 bucks.

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Why not just look in the JWA field guide app or gamepress and see where the dinos you want are available? and why do bucks all of a sudden matter? If you don’t spend em on coin, strike retries, incubators etc, you’ll have loads. And besides, just because someone has more bucks than you doesn’t always mean they spend em on the dna you need if that makes sense. Haven’t spent bucks for a few months and got around 5k

First off, I’m not traveling anywhere during a global pandemic. That’s obvious. Second, I use bucks on coin for leveling up these creatures. My main point with that though is that means that person has been farming for a while and you’d obviously pick up a lot while doing that.