Too Much Luck

This game has become more about luck than skill with the resistances replacing immunities and the manipulation of said system.

The margins are so fine in Shores that at least 90% of matches are settled by RNG.

Whether it’s a lucky stun, 5% chance crits, damage landed through cloak or dodge, a blocked swap, a bad speed tie, etc… the strategy is GONE.

Nothing will change from this rant, but the arena could go back to fun, skillful play if:

  1. Teams draw 6 Dino’s each battle, where players can still only play 4 of those Dino’s.

(This would stop the matchups where one player draws 3 shielded tanks and the other draws zero Fierces.)

  1. Go back to 0% or 100% for Swap, Dodge/Cloak, and Stun. Take computer-generated odds out of battles. Leave resistances in place for Reduced Damage, Vulnerability, DOT, Rend and Speed. The current system is rife with hackers and it is not uncommon to face opps with 2-3 crits from 5-15% Dino’s, stuns on creatures with 67-75% res, swap blocks on 75% res Dino’s, cloaks/dodges rarely blocking damage, etc. I see luck like this in >50% of matchups vs 6300+ trophy players.

(This would take chance out of the equation, and allow players to properly strategize.)

  1. Let players challenge friends with either the friendly team or the PVP team.

(Right now, there is no way for players to test diff lineups within the game without risking real trophies. This would also be a great tool for alliances to strategize and give players a fun opp to battle their friends from diff arenas without any trophies on the line.)


100% agree

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