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Too much miragaia and tryceratops dna from incubators!

Ok that’s it I’ve just had about enough of continuing to receive a load of DNA for both ‘Miragaia’ and ‘Tryceratops’ every single day from the incubators I earn, and it’s been like this since December 2018. I don’t understand the point of Ludia handing out free DNA for Creatures that are actually common in my entire location already for the past few months.

I wish the Earned Incubators would give more DNA for Creatures in my collection who are currently low on DNA Amounts…Instead of the stuff that are already common in a person’s location at the time.

What does everyone think, and who else us in the same boat as I am and hates receiving the same DNA that you can easily get in your area from Dinos in the wild ??

I personally like getting DNA from dinos in my area, that just means I don’t have to go dart them :slight_smile: . Also what Triceratops DNA are you getting? I wanna assume it’s Gen 2, so you can also use that for Dracoceratops, if it’s Gen 1 then that could be funneled into Stegoceratops and then Monostegotops :smiley:


Mirigia. I win 3-0 with that monster! She’s a beauty!!

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Miragaia is pretty good to be honest but I do agree the to much trike gen 2 is given out not everyone wants to use the little rat dracoceratops

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I’m getting the Common Tryceratops, Irritator Gen 1 i think and Miragia a lot, there’s also others which are meat eaters but I can’t remember the names now.

I have her on my battle team.

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Yeah the Dracorex is ok but not fantastic. It’s cute though and one of my favorites to just level up it’s Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3 versions.

I don’t use the Dracorex Family in battles but I still like them, same as Stegasaurous, Galimimus, Dilophasaurous and others.

I don’t actually like most of the Hybrid Dinos though, and haven’t really bothered with them except for Indominas Rex and the Indoraptor.
I’m a big “Jurassic Park Saga” Fan and so anything that’s featured in all 6 films eventually, I like to level up…All of the JWA Game Hybrids arenot even in any of the actual movies except for the Indominas Rex and the Indoraptor. So really Hybrid Additions by Ludia in the game are just a way for expanding the game and just adding more content.

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The legendary and Unique dino’s are nice to have… if you battle, then they are a necessity… and that is going beyond indominus rex and inoraptor…

I know. And I do go after Legend Ones but just what i like. Indominas Rex and Indoraptor are Legends.

Indoraptor isn’t a legendary…

I’ve lost count of how many Trikes I’ve seen – at one point over the weekend I counted 11(!) on the map at one time. On the other hand, I see Irritator Gen 1 every blue moon or so – but the Irritator Gen 2 is almost as common as the Diplocaulus that are like pigeons in a park around here. I also see a Miragaia on the map very rarely, almost all that DNA has come from incubators (and I’m hoping for more). Just goes to show how individualized the JWA experience can be, I guess…

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Yes it is a Legendary the Indoraptor…It even says it when you click on the character in your list, plus it’s a highlighted as Purple which means it’s a Legendary.

Ummm no. Indoraptor is unique… :man_facepalming:

Unbelievable lol

Idk what ur talking about purple. If u mean the background of the thumbnail of the dino? That just means it’s a hybrid lol

Same with my area also. Those 2 Dinos are so common it’s annoying, and I’ve stopped collecting their DNA for now as I have way too much for each.

It says it is a Legendary Dinosaurs…Why do you think they are hard to get and only released for some events? It’s because Indoraptor and Indominas Rex are Legendary Creatures and once you get them their tags turn from Purple to Red.

These 2 Dinos are just like the Pokemons of for example Mew and MewTwo in the Pokemon Go App…Who are so rare in that game and only available through events.

Are u serious lol Indom is legendary. It’s red. Indoraptor is green. It is unique. What are u talking about

notice the different color rarities between the two. Indom red…indom legendary. Indoraptor green… indoraptor unique.

Dude seriously right now I really don’t care as I’m just wanting an Indoraptor eventually…And first I got to clear out all the High DNA Dinos I have on my list. Which is taking ages thanks to low coins everyday.