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Too Much Nodosaurus DNA


I wonder if there will ever be a strong, applicable use of this dna for players over 4k trophies. I am swimming in 15k DNA for this DINO and I don’t see value in using it. Does anyone feel the same?


Fuse it! That’s what it’s really good for.


Nodosaurus makes Nodopatosaurus, which has 3 legendary hybrids (Stegodeus, Gigaspikasaur, and Nodopatotitan). Trust me when I say that that Nodosaurus DNA will start going away quickly when you are trying to level up the hybrids. Also, pick a path and go with it. All 3 legendaries have their pros and cons so choose the one that works best for your play style.

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For sure, but it sounds like none of these options are good investments if you are fighting for 4500 trophies.


I have a level 25 Stegodeus at 4800 trophies and there are still plenty of ranked players that use it. It may take you a little while to get to that level, but I think they are all good tanks. I have even seen 22 and 23 level Giga’s that gave me trouble.


Or you could just save it to donate to alliance members. We’ll gladly take it :grin:


Both stegas and gigas are used at above 4500 trophies… there is still merit to running atleast one tank. And who you never know when new balance changes will make tanks a requirement.


I am tempted to save it for the next update. I need its value to raise.


I’d gladly take it off your hands. I struggle finding Nodes in the wild. Lol

seriously though, it makes some decent hybrids. Use it. :slight_smile:


I have 50,000 DNA.


30 stegodeus and like 16k nodo. still dart it though cuz stegodeus might get a unique :man_shrugging:


15K rare DNA is not that much at high levels. It would get exhausted after upgrading couple of levels.

Have a Lvl29 Stego and still feel it’s one of my most reliable team member at 5K+ trophies. So, I do feel it is of good value. People would have been more than happy for Nodo in previous updates.
Considering current meta and the new update on the horizon, it might not be one of the best rares out there as of now.