Too much of irritatior gen 2 and the lizard dude

Can we please get a different dinosaur for prizes please? I have way too much dna for them!

Those 2 are the only reason I have a level 19 Einisuchus and level 18 Suchatator! :joy:
Depending on the arena you’re in, those are actually some good hybrids to have.

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I got over 30,000 dna for Irritator Gen 2 :joy: Wish it was Irritator instead!

That’s not lizard, more related to crocodiles.:crocodile:

And actually both are not so bad, Numda for Einiasuchus, Irritator gen2 for Suchotator, both are strong rare class hybrids.

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Beats plenty off dinos few lvl above him if u know how to use it don’t be shy to lvl it , am arena 8.