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Too Soon For s-DNA Creature?

Hello! I’ve seen some people post that they got an S-DNA creature and they regretted it, because it messed with the alogrithm and everything became too hard.

I have enough Stegoceratops to make 2 (I always want to save 1 before doing a hybrid), and emough Monolphosaurus DNA to make a Monostegotops.

I don’t want to regret it though! When is it safe to do this?
Would it help if I posted my ‘lineup’?

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Yes. It must not be above the ferocity of your other creatures,I am sure it will help if you post your line up.


Post your lineup. If you can afford the Ferocity, go for it


Here are my top four screens ! Sorry some creatures are resting !

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Your lineup is the key factor you use to determine whether you are ready or not. In general I can say that you should not create a Monostegotops if the 2 lv.30 Stegoceratops are at the top of your lineup. I waited until I had enough SDNA to make 2 Monostegotops right away. Looking back I could have waited a little longer, but it was not to bad of course.

I just saw your lineup and in my opinion you are definitely ready for the Monostegotops. A level 10 Monostegotops is just a little better than a level 40 Stegoceratops. If you just level it to about level 5 I guess it won’t even affect your basic lineup. Did I answer your questions?


You should be OK. A few of your dinos are already around 6K Ferocity.

Concavenator is even higher. If your PvE is doing fine right now, adding Monostegotops should ‘t be a problem.


Start making Monostegatopses

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Fuse one, and then hatch one, then keep hatching them until you run out of SDNA.

You just freed up regular DNA to focus on a different creature you need.

I would do the same with any of the super hybrids except the Indoraptor for you. They are an additional :dna: source for you and you should be able to keep them within a close proximity of their host creature.


dont get a hybrid unless you can afford to get it to level 20 dude, that indominus is literally just a bad t-rex right now


I don’t think so. I also made the indominus. Right now I have two at level 20 and 4 at level 10. These level 10 Indominus are currently perfect for doing mod PvP and I can make a level 40 as soon as I want.

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Just a lvl 1 Indo is like 8,700 ferocity.

Either stockpile the Raptor SDNA or rapidly speed up the Indominous to level 40 to then create the indo, and then sell it. It’s worth 40,000 a pop so if saving it till late game isn’t in your priorities, then selling it for other Dino’s (Thus buying more to evolve) could be better.

Level up your Indominus Rex dude,surprised you still have not.

Thanks everyone! I have the Monostegotops now!!! If I make another Tapejalosaurus 40 I can prob build that s-DNA Creature next.

Yep, I need to work on getting that Indo Rex to 20!
Thanks everyone!

I have enough S DNA for a Monostegotops,no stegoceratops yet though lol.