Took 2x the amount of coins from me


I had 270 coins, I spent money to unlock a incubator. I then went to go start another one and it wouldn’t activate… so I restarted the app and then I kept getting error 10044. Eventually I got in and my coins were taken, the incubator is still running and I tapped it again and it took my money again, now I have 243 coins… and I’m more annoyed than I was before.


Hey Snakebytes4324, I’m sorry to hear about what happened, that does sound like a frustrating situation. Could you please provide this information to our support team so that they can take a closer look at this? You can email our staff here, and it’ll be helpful if you could also include your support key in the email.

If you’re still having connection errors, could you please try the steps on this thread and see if they help?