Took a break came back just to see how things were


Ooooooooh boy everything that was broke before is still broken. Try one battle, my opponent used something to shift my abilities so I couldn’t select them. His dinos stopped taking damage and my didn’t. It’s really easy just fix the game. Like take the stuff that doesn’t work, and then make it work.

Yes I’ve opened tickets. No they don’t respond. No I don’t have network issues.

It’s a shame. I liked this game when it worked but there’s too many games out there to justify this.


I’ve been falling between 1200 and 1400 trophies for weeks! I wanted to give up from losing so much. I also don’t want to spend money.
I have finally gotten to 1500. I hope it lasts!
I had 6 wins during a strike event battle and received an epic. She sure has helped me win some incubator battles!
I hope your luck turns around soon, friend!


As far as the game app programming and functioning, every update I hope they worked out some of the most annoying glitches and bugs but haven’t done a thing.

I love the game itself, strike towers and all. These games are a draw for cheaters and spoofers because they can and they like the challenge of that sort of thing.

I don’t do the pvp battling a lot so I’m stuck around the 3500 trophies. Even though I’ve leveled a lot of dinos up, I’m stuck in this range. The tournament that set everyone back to 3500 has me stuck in a blob of people my team level swimming around in wins and losses. This was a bad idea put in play. The tournament should have been a separate arena.