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Took a long break.. some observations

Long read warning…

After leaving the game for around 6 months one of my kids started playing again and i said why not… atleast this time I knew what I was getting myself into…

After some mistakes with boosts. Ie not fully understanding how much had changed and applying boosts to soon. Benching half my team for low leveled replacements… im currently 15 trophies higher then what my season high when i quit was.

Thats with a lower leveled team… while often running into teams with more boosts… Mostly wrong dinos now… maybe at this point they realize boosting their indo g2 was a bad idea and dont want to eat the boost bullet like i did.

In the past Ive seen here people post about how they would give the game a break but are afraid of falling behind and i just wanted to share my experience and how that isnt really the case because of the second point of this thread.

Which is Ludia knows exactly what there doing with “balance” . Since as far back as i can remember Ludia has through balance pushed a group of dinos for us to chase… raptor meta, tank meta, dilor first the legendary, then the unique…, dg2, rinex…i could go on but by now you see the point. How many of those dinos are still relevant in a non raid setting.

Thats not a mistake… thats a design philosophy thats doubles as their monetization driver. The argument that this is the most balanced patch yet except/if for “*” can and has been made for almost every patch. And honestly for me 2.0 feels that way as well.

The reality of this game is your team is gonna look really different in few patches and some dinos are gonna feel like shadows of their former selfs.

All that said I have to say I like 2.0 so far… i like the fact that dilor who has sat on my bench for ages now has a roll in a raid setting. I feel like the battles can actually be more strategic then before… that is if you ignore the rock, paper, scissor system and actually play dinos to their strengths and weaknesses. Theirs still flaws and as always we have our flavors of the patch… and i dont think they gonna change their design philosophy either… but ive accepted that and will stick around for now.