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Took me 32 levels to notice this

I thought the dragons flying over your village were random or a default set, but it’s your top five most powerful~ It took a legendary flying around for me to even notice.


I see too but with the light fury :joy:

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The dragons flying around your village should only be the dragons that you have. it is not necessarily your top five

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And it took me all this time to notice that “level 10 dragons” does not require 10 dragons to be unique…

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As an experiment I focused on getting Toothless into my Top 5


image image

Now I’m just going to be levelling up my favourite dragons so I can watch them fly around like some zen koi pond, and not the best ones for fighting, oh no

(At least Murklurker will fit because I would die to see a huge fat Thunderdrum floating around my village)

(Also, Toothless is so fast and agile but he still looks like a clunky fool next to Light Fury’s pretty snake/swan neck and streamline body~)

image image


Would be nice if devs added some kind of… button in town that would allow a cinematic perspective with no need to zoom. As of now - we only see enemy dragons actually fly in battles, and all of our roster is just standing and reacting to pokes and petting in the “stables”.
A button that would either spawn selected dragons in line, or to make them fly with possible close-up - would be awesome. Plus it could be extended to top-10 or even to the dragons that you yourself could choose.

P.S.: While Brute-Wurst isn’t quite as thicc as a thunderdrum, I barely recognize him in the distance. Even Scally-slander, who is supposed to be a plumpier dragon - looks more like Monstrous Nightmare from afar.


Given the layout of tile puzzle games I feel they are a bit restricted in how immersed they can get the player with the game avatar, in this case the five dragon roster. A cool compromise might be like a little animation anytime our dragon uses a special.

Once PvP comes along, your dragons will be animated for your opponent the way the in game dragons are… they could probably offer a download of an after game movie that shows your team in action?

I’ve also got fingers crossed for more Virtual Pet features, like animated fish feedings, grooming, playing and a love meter (It could also be a way to get a dragon above their maximum level if they need to extend gameplay)

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Nice! Now you have a Toothless flying around your Berk! That’s cool, I never noticed this until I read this.

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Oh, my, thanks guys! I really had no clue who those dragons I have been seeing flying were, but now I do! I went up and got a good look, and that was definitely my current battle team! Awesome! :smiley:

P.S. How does one zoom during the game?

Also, @Wirxaw I don’t think I have seen enemy dragons flying in front of my face yet, but then again, I might have but couldn’t recognize them, considering I didn’t even know the dragons flying around were my own most powerful until today!

@Wirxaw, @upperthorso I believe those features would be really awesome if they add them. I hope they do. :upside_down_face:

@upperthorso Thanks for opening this thread. It’s been… an eye opener. :slight_smile: