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Took Over Someone Else's Sanctuary

So a few weeks ago, I spotted an occupied sanctuary on a factory down the road.

So a week later, I threw a dino in it to kind of say “Hi. There are actually more JWA players out here.”

A couple weeks and the sanctuary expired and was started again. So I put a dino in it to be able to get to it again and then proceeded to put a Dracorex and Tenontosaurus from each of my accounts into it to make it easier to take care of those in one sanctuary for my 2 accounts. So I have 5 dino’s in it and they have 2 with one open slot. I grew it from 3 to 4 and then 4 to 5 giving it 8 slots.

Then one of my alliance members puts a dino in it filling all the slots. The original sanctuary’s owners dino’s 2 days are up and fall off but then I see another one of my alliance members put two of their dino’s in it, filling it up so there is no room for the original owner who works in that factory to put any dinos in it.

This wasn’t planned but it is kind of funny.


Meanwhile, in my area, people grow sanctuaries to level 2 or 5 and just … abandon them. I have a favorite one that’s next to my house (and nobody uses), I reach it from time to time even when I’m not going for a walk, if the GPS drifts enough. I get it to lvl 6 every month.


I would love to see someone’s reaction if @TheMaxx put his Rex in an occupied sanctuary XD


That would be funny. Brutus has only been in a sanctuary once because i can’t go 48 hours without him. I placed him in one though, one night when i was going to bed because the sanctuary was going to expire before i needed him to fight again. A few people had asked how much exp he would give to the sanctuary so i had to test it.


What boost levels do you have Brutus at. I’ve seen posts people have made about him but never saw what power he’s got.

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Tier 7/8/7


So how much exp?

I started a sanctuary in my backyard, and had alliance members steal all the available spots in it when my first four got kicked out. For the next 12 days, I had a fully occupied sanctuary in my backyard that I didn’t have a single dinosaur in.

Theres a big high lvl sanctuary in my neigborhood and like so many people r playing and so hard to put ur own dinos there coz peeps keep racing to put there own critters, but weird thing is i dont see anyone plying ever or r there playing inside their own houses or using fake gps app