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Hello! Post stuff from JWA Toolbox here!

I’ll start us off.


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Every single 1 of those is either completely broken or ridiculously completely broken. The 1st one has an impact for a base move? They all have OP moves OP stats and OP resistances… and all of them are probably more balanced than Ceramagnus. Let’s get these made Ludia, why stop the carnage now

In all seriousness, if you want to make your own creature, use another one from the same class and role as a template and consider the limitations for each, that will help with making a creature more balanced instead of completely broken, or completely useless.
Indoscorpius for example with 60% crit chance should be impossible. The highest crit chance is and should always be 40%. The armor also doesn’t make sense. Where did it came from? none of its components have armor

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Reworked Indoscorpius

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I know indoT is kinda confirmed already but here is my version

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Nice! Better than Indoscorpius.

It’s no so much “better”, just more balanced. Again, just look at the stats and moves of your creatures components, and base your hybrid around those.