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Tools inventory on top of page, please

Title. Much easier to check tools inventory when they’re placed above the scents. Especially when game is laggy. It would be a huge improvement. Thanks.


You mean the sanctuary resources, right? That would be very handy indeed. I wouldn’t mind if that’s somewhere permanently in the screen, to prevent me from going over the limit. Especially with all the items you get from achievements now.


Exactly. Permanently visible is also a good idea. Or give us the opportunity to turn On or Off.

Never thought about it, but yeah.
I check FIPs a lot.
I don’t need to look at scents unless I’m going to use them which is pretty rare.

Just here to second the motion. Please have the number of Food/Interaction/Toy showing on the main screen. Or worst case only show it when we click on a supply drop and we’re about to spin it.