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Toothles and Deadfall Toothles

Ludia I know Toothles and Deadfall Toothles are the same dragons but please let us be able to use them in our team at the same time, because they are different colors so it is kinda unfais, i mean you can do it with other dragons but not with Toothles. They also have different stats, for example Toothless has no habitat and Alfa charge but Deadfall Toothless does have a habitat and has Spectral charge. Please change this!!! :cry:

Thanks for reading :yum:

Other dragons are different individuals, you don’t stop being youself when you change clothes err

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It’s really not unfair at all.

First point being that even if they weren’t exactly the same dragon just…one bearing painted markings, in the game you can’t even have two of the same dragon anyway in your lineup. You can’t have a full set of five Sawmaws, so it should follow you can’t have two of Toothless. Your examples are, as @Allen stated, completely different dragons. Toothless slapped on some paint and called it a day :smile:

Which does bring me to my second point; they’re the exact same dragon. The entire franchise revolves around Toothless being the only Night Fury in existence. Having two at the same time just for the sake of having two strong dragons fighting at once throws a whole lot of stuff out of wack needlessly.

But there are other blue 5* to earn TP towards! There’s the Light Fury, and Stormfly so far. And beyond that, other blue 5*s are the Frosty Sparguard, Tempestuous Scalestrom, and the Lithe Loggerjammer.

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@ned,@marcus,should we wait until the next year for dreadfall toothless to comeback again?

@itami most probably!

Okay yea that’s true but stil it has a different special attack it has different stats al those thing

Which is why you would have to decide whether or not to use him vs the regular Toothless during certain battles, or, depending on your playing style/strategy, replace him entirely. It really doesn’t change the fact that he’s the same dragon.

In the end, this isn’t just a dragon fighting game. They’re sticking to canon lore as close as they can, it seems, with everything else (with obvious adjustments here and there) why would they break it with the biggest character of the entire franchise?

It would be like saying you want to see an episode of the series where Hiccup meets another Hiccup, only he’s wearing a funny hat. Just for the sake of…I don’t know, hilarious hijinks? It doesn’t have any explanation, it doesn’t fit in universe at all, and other than it being one of the character’s (let’s be honest it’s probably Tuffnut’s) fever dream, there’s no reason behind it.

I understand that you want to use a powerful dragon with another powerful dragon that you already have, but Toothless is still Toothless. He’s not a doppelganger, there’s no multiverse shenanigans at play. Just think of it this way: your original Toothless (purple) got into some paint, slathered it on, and now he’s ~Dreadfall~ Toothless; scourge of the archipelago (blue). No separation of being. :wink: