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Toothless animation has not been completely fixed

The transition animation idle to petting still has some problems


First the textures (that still aren’t completely fixed) and now the animations… honestly I wonder how every time they fix something a bigger issue appears.

Oh, and if anyone needs proof that the texture wasn’t completely fixed, here’s it:

Just compare the amount of details you can see ¯ _(ツ)_/¯ this is a screenshot from 6 months ago

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Yeah I know…
But I’m sure that Ludia will improve slowly!
Just be patient :slight_smile:

Well, they did improve from what I could observe, but yeah, some of those bugs are quite absurd (tho this time it was pretty funny)

I’ve been having that problem also. But only for the regular toothless. The Halloween and Snoggletog one works fine