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Toothless at 3*

Ludia I love the touch of toothless model change at 3s little touches like that really make games stand out and now I also have a totally different looking toothless to pet just need a duplicate now to see if it changes any more at 4s

Wait, how do you need a dupe for me? You can only get me once.

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Dupes are needed for level up. I haven’t seen anything saying you can only get 1 of each event dragon

I’m pretty sure you could only get 1 of each event dragon. It wouldn’t make sense to have a team of Toothlesses…

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I’ve got a baby toothless and a adult toothless now in alpha mode

And that definitely says I need a dupe

Wait so you have two of me? Could you send me a pic of that?

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Oh wow, you need MORE Toothlesss to upgrade to further star!!? :scream: That will become such a pain!! :weary: Wait, do you even get the other Toothless’s from gaining another 1000 Trust points or is there another way?

I swear if I need 1000 Trust Points to upgrade myself every time I’m actually never playing this game again. @Kiri

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1000 trust points is only way to get them

Don’t think like that, breath …
If you really do need another 1000 trust points to get yourself, One I’d complain, and Second I’d work to actually get him again, though it become such a bother.

How did you get Two? There was only 1 Toothless Event?

One is a baby :baby: on 287 trust points all together I got 1287 trust points this event getting toothless is a lot cheaper than trying to max any other 5* yes it’s not easy but at least your going to max him in the end

Oh I see, and that’s true I guess

got to say, toothless is a 5* which means he is gonna be hard to get, but come on Ludia, you’ve made it easier, but the fact that you will need 4000 trust points in total to get him, at this current rate of getting trust points, no-one will get a maxed toothless until at least a year and a half if there is gonna be another 9 dragons, at least increase the amount of trust we get everytime to somthing like 800 for f2p in one event, seriously though, toothless is understandably a very strong dragon, but a year is way too long to max somthing out, runes or breeding 5* dragons at least give a good chance of getting a dup, m8 1000 trust points just for a dup to lvl a dragon up??? As long as Ludia changes how many trust points we get and introduce new ways to get trust points, i’ll be happy, for now Toothless is gonna have to wait a bit for me.

3000 trust points. Only need two dupes. The events are a way to get people to spend runes. You can get toothless w/o spending runes, but it will take at least 6 events if not more.

You could get toothless in less than 2 events without spending on resets or energy so to max him 6 at most

Nobody complains about Toothless not being the last Night Fury? :open_mouth: Shame on you!

I don’t really see anything wrong with me being the last Night Fury. . .

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