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Toothless doesn`t have any possible partner?


If Toothless can`t mate with Light Fury, how do we get a new Toothless for level up? Definitely, nobody would like to get another 1000 trust point again and again!!! It makes no sense. I think most players will give up this game for this ridiculous problem.2402ea096b0160ac14b432a782a2e97b

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Well, for starters, no event dragons can breed. That would kinda make events pointless after getting two of the same event dragon, which makes absolutely no business sense. You need to remember that this is a free-to-play game, so for the devs to make any kind of income from it, certain aspects need to incentivise spending money. After all, it hasn’t been made purely for the free entertainment of the masses. A lot of complaints people have are because they feel entitled to have everything for free immediately or at the most within a short time-frame.

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Players already paid for tons of rune just because they want to get 1000 trust points. It is even much more expensive for getting two event dragons. If you only care about your “sense of business”, how do you stimulate players` interest for keep playing this game? After players pay for 1000 trust point, they could only get a 3 stars dragon for all events? Seriously, you really mean it for real? You should better mention it in the next event notification. Otherwise, it is definitely a fraudulent behavior. I believe nobody will work on event quest anymore. You said this is a free to play game but buying runes is also much more expensive than buying a famous video game! Even much more expensive than 10 video games! Breeding rate of 4* or 5* dragons is already really really poor in this game, and now you also make the event quests become such ridiculous. I can feel that you guys are so greedy, it will make this game can not last long.

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Also, every new players need to buy tons of rune for event dragons. Otherwise, they are not possible to get an event dragon .It is equal to buy a new game, much more than a new game. You think it is still not enough for you? I still want to say the same thing, “Don’t be too greedy.” If event dragons can breed, money players would like to collect all event dragon and pay for it. If event dragons can not breed, they will only collect 1 or 2 event dragons at most.


“Otherwise, it is definitely a fraudulent behavior.” Do you even know what that means, or are you just using fancy words to sound smart/express your displeasure at not being able to get certain dragons very quickly?

The point of the event quest is not to get all of them the first time. You will need to get a total of 3000 trust points to fully train an event dragon. Currently the only way to do that is through events, but there may be other ways in the future. For starters, the event will return and players can get more trust points for FREE when it does. Now, if you’re impatient, then you will have to spend runes for it, and that comes at a financial cost.

As for new players not being able to get event dragons, they will be able to. They will need to take the same amount of time or spend the same amount of money as the rest of us who have been playing longer. If they didn’t I would certainly feel that my hard work had been devalued.

Players that can afford to spend money on the game can and will spend it regardless of whether event dragons can breed or not. They might choose to spend it on other aspects of the game though, because while you can get Event dragons for free, the only way to get cross-breeds, is to breed a lot. Event dragons not being able to breed balances out the use of different aspects of the game in that sense too.

As for being “so greedy”, do you know anything at all about any of the staff that work for/at Ludia? No? That’s what I thought. For all we know, some of them could be the sole income-earners for their families or some other similar circumstances. Not all of them are likely to fall under that category, but if the game doesn’t make enough money, then people will lose their jobs. And it won’t be the execs that go first. That’s just how businesses work.


I am so sorry for what I said on yesterday. I was acting on impulse so I said those words. I do really appreciate your great work on this game. I did not realize your efforts. I am so sorry again for that.


Glad you see the other side of the picture. Also, I don’t work for Ludia…

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Hahaha!! You totally got assumed as one of the developers (Or a moderator of the forum) !! :rofl: Just goes to show you how good of a member you are!

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@LightFury might as well work for Ludia, she’s done so much with the Unofficial Wiki, and just helping out on here!

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I thought LightFury was a boy!? :fearful:


OOF I didnt know, I thought he was a girl because of the name LightFury. @LightFury im so sorry :frowning:

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EDIT: God im so sorry I didnt even really click on your bio until now, and I didnt see anything about you being a boy. I just assumed that you were a girl because of the name Light Fury and im sorry for that. :disappointed_relieved:


Well I agree that a company needs to make money to function properly, but with all the ludia games I have played it’s a continues problem with people continuesly complaining how they need to spend a lot of money to get somewhere in the game. The games are already overrun by people who spend tons of money to be in the top charts, leaving the rest of the players to hope for the best. But there are options that allow you to play for free and still get the rewards, even for the VIP dinos in the jurrassic world builder. In my opinion people who are complaining are spurred by jealousy. They have been working hard for years to earn the place they are at and suddenly someone is way ahead of them, someone who has only been playing for a few weeks or months,just because they paid. I’m honestly in a limbo on who’s side to take in this situation, especially in a game as recent as this one. I want to have a good of a chance to get stuff like payed players do but at the same time I know it’s not possible. (At least this is a lot more fair from things like animal jam,wizard 101 and the online school of dragons games) Also, as was said before, there are still a lot of things left that could be introduced to it that could help free players such as some kind of pack feature which seems to be a reoccurring theme in all of ludias games, or maybe even daily rewards. The arena will have rewards for sure (whoever heard of an arena without any good rewards for it’s completion) as for clans, there might be benefits from that as well. Idk what, maybe special raids. For now tho I’ll just recommend playing the game for the fun of it and actually feel that sense of accomplishment when you finally earn what you’re aiming for.
Keep your hopes up, don’t get frustrated over stuff like this.

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So wait you think its ok to make it that hard i mean come one making someone pay 1 time for the dragon is oke but to have someone pay 3 times to get the dragon is ridiculous maybe give it a mutation debuff to coz it to give you a random 4 star etc idk or some


No, because it takes that long to get the scales for training anyway. To train to 4*, which is the first time you need a duplicate dragon, you need 150 1* scales and 75 2* scales. More events would have come around by the time you get to that number, so you wouldn’t need to spend runes to get the trust points, although that would speed it up.


I didn’t really mean it…


I’m super confused? You want to kill every single Light Fury, Night Fury, and Night Light for exactly what reason? What reason do you have to put that out in the open, especially on the Forums were everyone loves Toothless and the Light fury and their adorable children? That’s not ok


I just couldn’t control myself… I tried to send something about the main post here but it got flagged so it kinda just came out

Sorry Toothless1 and LightFury

@Kiri and @LightFury you now know the reason


That’s irrelevant. You don’t use language like that anywhere. As for my event coming back, it was confirmed before the first one that it would.


Ok for real though @LightFury it’s kinda getting on my nerves when you or Toothless1 say my or anything similar to that, about the events

I didn’t know that ok!!!


@Kiri @LightFury @Toothless1 I’m sorry about the message with the killing in it ok I just sent a message about me thinking of some weird stuff (it was about @LightFury and @Toothless1 and me not knowing that LightFury was a boy) that just happened to get flagged and I just got made about it ok here’s proof I’m not lining