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Toothless Event bug, Cost more runes than it mentioned

It cost me much more runes than it mentioned in the restart button!!! I had 3600 runes and it was required 433 runes for restarting the event. After I clicked the restart button, I only remain 1890 runes. The same thing also happened on the last two times. Did anyone had the same problem as I do? Also, will I get my runes back?

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I’m sorry to hear that happened, @AJ_Kong. Could you contact our support team here at with your support key along with the date and time of when you restarted the event so our team can investigate? Thanks!

No problem!Thank you!

It happened to me the same thing, I lost more than 1800 runes … !!!

You could send them an email.

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Same thing happened to me. I sent the email twice but I still haven’t gotten my runes back. I’ve waited for nearly 9 hours.

I send several mails and I do not have answers. I want to get my runes, I’m afraid with my money it’s outrageous !!!

I had 2k runes and I bought a 100 rune restart on the toothless event but it brought my rune amount all the way down to 500 instead of 1.9k

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I purchased 1800 Runes and when I went to spend 150 Runes to reset for this current event, it took All of my runes.
What will it take to get those runes refund back to my account?

So I reset toothless event and it took alimony all my runes I had 1906 runes and I now have 108 runes dose anyone have any news for this I sent a email to the help support.

Following for updates

I had 1800 runes, when I spent runes to restart toothless event it costed 208, and now I have 59 runes. Is there any chance to get them back?

Same here. I had 2300 runes and on a near 100 reset left me for 490 runes…

We don’t know but I want mine back I bought them.

This is the message in reply to someone in the same boat @Martin_18

I restart the toothless mission, it should take me
128 rnues, but after I use the restart, itactually take me 1800 runes
Can I get back my runes or just let the bug happen without any compensation?

Last night I reset the Toothless event and i found that my runes was gone about 1600 runes for no appropriate reason, and i didn’t do any misclick on buying anythings (I was checking every new things that could be the result of misclicking)

More information : About 2-3 days ago I had already buy the offer pack to get more runes

[Uploading: 330019D3-9383-4C5D-8B0B-D4FA83C6C615.png…]

Picture shown the latest runes (which should be more than 2000 runes)

This is ridiculous. I sent one email and two gmails and it’s been over 24 hours. I haven’t gotten any response and I still haven’t gotten my 1743 runes back. The first dude who started this conversation got his runes back in an hour.

I’ve sent emails as well an no response! I’m going to miss out on this event because of this nonsense. How hard is it to refund some runes?

I just got my runes back