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Toothless event today


Few of us in the clan were wondering when Toothless event is starting. It disappeared like when we had Lightfury. Does it normally takes awhile for the event to start? We even restarted our devices but nothing shows up yet. Thanks!

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About 22 minutes

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I wonder the same as the notification disappeared and yet there’s no new special events in the dailies/specials.

Same thing happened last time with the Light Fury event and I got bored waiting, couldn’t schedule my login time & ended up starting on the event later.


Hey Vikings, try force closing and rebooting your game. You should be able to see the event after restarting.

Let me know if you’re still having issues! :slight_smile:

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No, it’s okay, it’s already there. It appeared a little later than @Talisax stated. I’ve already played 4 levels. :slight_smile:

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