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Toothless Event


Hey, I don’t know how exactly the Toothless Event is gonna go, is it gonna be like the Lightfury Event or very different?


Hello @Kiri, the Toothless event is probably going to be like the Light Fury event, but it should be easier after all the complaints the dev’s got from the community.

Happy Training!

P.S: Toothless’ face is the most adorable thing in the world.


Toothless is the most adorable, I agree!
And thanks for the heads up on the Toothless event! Big help!


No problem @Kiri! Always happy to help fellow dragon trainers when needed!

Happy Training! - Toothless


This isn’t really part of the Toothless event but do you guys think you could get rid of the 1 that shows on the breedery even though you don’t have a pair of dragons to breed? I don’t have any to combine and the 1 just stays there. Taunting me.


It could be two of the same species too? I think the green 1 shows when you aren’t breeding, but have a viable pair of dragons to breed.


Hey guys,

Kevin, the Lead Game Designer, is doing a Q&A session this Friday. You can ask your questions on our Instagram account. He also talks about some of the changes being made for the Toothless event.

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How many trust points are going to be needed for Toothless? Please not 1000 I need him lol.

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Hate to just barge in, but I’ve only just started playing the game a few days ago. Will Toothless be possible for beginner players to get? I’d really like to get him but my team is still pretty weak.


@Eonainwe none of us really know for sure what’s going to happen in the event to get me. I am hoping they lower the amount of trust points needed to train me for your team.

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@Marcus any info on the Trust Point count for me in the event tomorrow?

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The Toothless event is now live!

It is 1,000 Trust Points like the Light Fury. The team made several changes, you should be able to progress farther and collect more points! Good luck :slight_smile:

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Oh my goodness I’m so sad. I was going to buy that back with the 2800 runes and 25 premium cards but I was too busy spending runes on the event :tired_face:. Lol I wonder if maybe Ludía could bring it back but with 60k resources each instead of 80k (since packs aren’t normally brought back)?


While the trust points are still the same amount, the fact that now is much easier to get them, because it’s more balanced, is surely a great improvement over the last event. Thank you all for listening to the community! I think that this time I’ll manage to get at least 300+ points. Does anyone know if this is a monthly event?

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@AIlen it will probably be a monthly event to get me, but this hasn’t been confirmed by anyone yet!

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Ok, so I’m a little disappointed that they kept it at 1000 Trust Points, but I do have to thank everyone there IMMENSELY for lowering the amount of team power needed for the first levels. Now I can actually get a good amount of TP’s for me. The only one I get stuck at is when it jumps from 2500 (the last one I can beat) to 4000. A big jump, but thank you very much nonetheless.

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Hello fellow dragon trainers!

I just wanted to offer my two cents as well… which is pretty identical to other peoples’ two cents. I am SUPER GRATEFUL to the developers as well for lowering the difficulty spike for the Toothless event. To put it bluntly, how tough the levels got in such a short amount of time during the Light Fury event was ridiculous. However, this time, the scale is much more gradual, and thus, much fairer. So, thanks Ludia!

PS- Baby Toothless makes my heart melt. HE’S SO CUTE!!! :sob::sob::sob:


I was trying to get a screenshot of him with his tongue out but got this instead and I actually don’t mind it at all


Oh my gosh he’s so cute! I love it.