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Toothless hidden abilities

I do not know if the bug was addressed in the last minor update, if not then there is a good one. I was trying to play with arena during first season and find a better strategy for myself. I left one dragon in defense for one night and then in the morning when I was looking at fights I came across two interesting fights.
First one, it seemed that one toothless was able to defeat the whole team of 5 dragons. Now maybe the other player timed out after attacking? But still 9k damage? That is speaking about overbuffing of defending team. Second is showing that apparently toothless was able to heal himself…


Hey Military_Jane, could I ask you to send those screenshots along with your support key to our team at so they can take a closer look? Thanks!

1st one could have been from the bug where it took a player trying to quest into arena

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Sure, i will do so