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Toothless spirit ability

Please correct me if i’m wrong,
for what i see toothless gives all his allies 25% spirit per turn. this is what it says:

All other allies generate +25% spirit for 4 turns.

so why doesn’t a single dragon generate any spirit each turn whenever they are under this effect?
am i missing something? is this a bug? if i miss something, how DO i make it generate spirit?
I’m hoping anyone else using toothless knows.
Thanks in advance

It’s 25% more spirit from tiles only. Instant spirit, like from BruteWurst or Warcry - does not have a duration.

In other words, it makes your dragons generate spirit 25% faster. Sort of like “Moderate > Fast” charging.


Ah makes sense.
Just 1 more tiny question, does it also generate 25% when I hit 1 tile with as example the 4 in a row special tile? Or does it have to be a 3+ match?

Any amount of tiles