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Toothless vs Light Fury ponderings

I just so happened to get Toothless and Light Fury to the same BP


So it was a good moment to compare their stats.

First thing I noticed was Light Fury’s additional attack points. The lady’s a killer. Toothless is naturally stockier with better defence and way more HP.

Last I saw an official number her BP was closer to 1200 while Toothless sat around 1600.

Edit- The most recent Test Flight confirmed Light Fury’s BP is now higher than I remember from her original release.

She also requires nearly twice the scales to level up. No change to the coinage, though.

I’m hoping this too is because she has some extra kick at her final BP.

I like data collection, so hope this helps anyone else team building with young Legendaries, or just team brain storming as you gain their trust~

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At max 3* lvl :smiley:

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Her BP was same level deposited lower level due to her ability being two levels higher

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Nice~ It looks like her and Toothless are going to be pretty comparable, with her being the sword and him being the shield. And looking into my other dragons it’s totally those extra ability points. My guy’s just not as lucky as she is when it comes to those lower chances I guess.

I’m sure she’s going to end up more powerful than people are worried she will be, given her rarity.

Eh, why does she need more scales than he does in order to train to the next star status?

How about 4 star training………

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Yeah, she seems to need more scales than Toothless in order to get to 4 star status, and then in order to get to 5 star status. She just needs more scales in general.

P.S. I’ve changed my comment a bit, made it more general so as to stand true to all data, including what you just posted.

maybe because flying through her own plasma blasts makes her both invisible and loose some scales

And Toothless can lose scales from the amount of battles he gets in, using lightning to be made invisible, natural shedding, etc.

Why did they have to make these uglies so edgy? Lightfury 3+ looks like some anime frog. I thought an uglier version than the movie would be impossible, but I guess Ludia got someone to hold its beer.

I think her animation well enough done, Toothless’s though needs to be… well, better. There are angles that need to be smoother, and then there’s the shape of the ear fins… And the face itself looks a little not natural. His legs aren’t measured so well either. Now then, if that was all modified to be realistic, I would definitely wanna see the infamous gummy smile when he looks at us too. Like, come on, he’s Toothless!

Baby forms are perfect though.

As for why they’re edgy, well, we are training them for battle!

I am totally happy with my frog-snake-swan Light Fury~ I personally haven’t had any issues with their Virtual Pets screens in terms of quality, so it might be a device/OS issue… Watching the two of them fly around you realize how clunky Toothless looks next to her but that’s really it…


I do think it’s funny how once you get your Epics and Legendaries to 3 stars, they suddenly look like they hate you lol. My Toothless has nothing but annoyance when I poke him, and Light Fury always has a look on her face like I’m trash but she’s too polite to say anything XD;

But I mean, with all due respect, if one isn’t a fan of the dragon designs, I’m not sure what else they would get out of this game/series… the cross between dragons that are both adorable and terrifying is one of the highlights to me. That’s going to have some creative limits, unless you are satisfied with the ancient Dragon Heart/The Hobbit/Game of Thrones classic beast that’s been stealing Princesses for centuries… but personally I am finding that design extremely prosaic lately.

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One can be a fan of the designs but also be picky. Like, in my case, I really don’t like the 5* Gronkle, the Boneknappers and the Screaming Death Alpha. I find they’re creepy. And then there’s the Wraith, who’s really ugly. A bit hilariously looking - with those brows - but really ugly.

I’ve also noticed that the dragons get less shiny and more angry-looking or something when levelled up, but it may be a consequence of being trained for battle and battle and battle. It’s like they want to show us how cool dragons they are, and how they’re so powerful nothing can get past them or something. They probably view us as “tiny humans that always makes us train yet always need protection”, hence the implied… annoyance.

I totally get having a preference, what I mean is that Light Fury’s design, or the design of other tougher dragons, still seems in step with any other HTTYD design that is half tough killer, half cuddle bug. Given the aloof sort of vibe they have, they are totally big scaly cats… but they still care~

Whispering Deaths and the Screaming Death just happen to be one of my favs, lol… the idea of a dragon being absolutely covered in aggressive spikes and rows of teeth, but really just needing them for digging, seems so in line… sure they look scary or ugly, but their way of life kinda explains why~ I dig that kind of detail, even if I’m not a huge fan of each dragon visually. (My least favourite is the Snow Wraith but only because they pretty much look like awkward Skrills…)

I have a Screaming Death in my RoB village and it just makes my day anytime I see it. Total bada$$ and still kinda cute? I also think she looks better in this game than in Titans, but still a fun design~ (she’s all white and so far the only other albino is a female, so I’m sticking to my theory that she’s a lady)

Light Fury too… she seems aquatic or frog like because of her smooth design, but she’s so incredibly steamlined you can just feel how fast she’d be… too much details and spikes and I feel she loses that, even if it might make her more conventionally appealing.

There’s something about these dragons that feels natural, like they could theoretically populate different climates and ways of life… it just makes their world so full of subtle information and details, not just fire and aerial acrobatics. IDK but that’s always been one of my favourite things, and makes it so each dragon is at least unique and different even when some species are kinda lame or weird looking depending on personal taste~

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Uh, yeah, see, I don’t have an issue with the Light Fury. If anything, she looks great to me. And anyways, both her and Toothless are still in baby form in my dragon keeping place. I really enjoy petting them and all.

Then I know, from what others have posted on their adult and levelled up forms, as well as how other dragons look when levelled up enough, that they do get some badass attitude. And I find that’s okay, because they’re supposed to develop an attitude. We use them for battles, make them train and fight… And in the dragons’ pov, we might look annoying. And that’s to explain why Toothless looks at you with that raised brow and a gase of “you, again?” while she is just too polite, as you said, so she plays the “I’m indifferent to you” card. I was delving into dragon behavior is all.

Now then. Unless I look at them too closely, I don’t have an issue with the Whispering Death, just the Screaming Death, and that’s because of the red eyes and the shape of its skull. Not its size, not its, well, teeth. And it’s not that they’re not terrifying, and not that the Whispering Death’s blank eyes aren’t creepy, but the Screaming Death is way more, and I find red way more terrifying, way past my limit, though it’s just “albinism”. I do like the white shiny scales that come with it though.

And you’re right, though; it is ironic how Whispering and Screaming Deaths need all those rows of lethal teeth for digging. Their spikes, though… I think they’re more for fights and to protect their bodies from boulders. But I think I can recall them shooting tail spikes at targets…

I also think your screenshots/ photos are awesome. Especially the one with our Fury OTP flying together. :slight_smile:

Fury breeds and interspecies are especially awesome, one reason being their not so conventional smooth and streamlined figures. And let’s not forget the intelligence level and expressive faces.

Finally, I find adding spikes and overly long sharp teeth to Fury dragons very unseemly. Because they’ll lose their “cute but don’t mess with me” appeal, and perhaps it’s gonna affect their being streamlined. No, they’re perfect as they are.

Well, in this game, adult Toothless needs a bit modifying so that he looks exactly like he’s supposed to in the movies & series. Other than that, they’re perfect.