Top 10 alliance recruiting!

Kelliance, has an opening!
Here is what we have to offer:
:white_check_mark:10/10 weekly alliance missions rewards
:white_check_mark:Top 10 placement in Alliance Championships every month which means tier 9 rewards
:white_check_mark:2 level 20 Sanctuaries with the occasional side piece, no restrictions on creating your own sanctuary, just don’t place in the organized ones
:white_check_mark:Assistance with all the Raids- Great success! We have people that love to raid, raid guides for all bosses, and organized channels to communicate in
:white_check_mark:Active discord server- we’re a chatty bunch!
:white_check_mark:Team building advice from end game players
:white_check_mark:Filled donation requests… give us that coin!
In addition to that we’re a neat bunch of people from around the world, and we like getting to know new players.

What we are looking for:
Min 5000 trophies (exceptions made for incredible tourney scores)
Tournament player- do you love to tourney?! Ideally looking for 1000 pt average
Game play equating to 20 battles and 10 incubators daily
Desire to Raid and show up on raid days
Must join discord server and we hope you’ll chat with us!
Looking to actively grow in the game

Potential applicants- for fastest response please friend req and msg me on discord Hermione#9265