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Top 10:Best fierces

I’m talking about the best fierces that are in the game, this is based in how good are they in their pvps and raids.
Note:the cost is used too
Why this Epic is so low here? It can be the fierce whit the largest health, but it isn’t easy to find and she have a poor attack compared with T.Rex or Allosaurus gen 2:
9.Tyrannosaurus Rex
Rexy is over Acrocanthosaurus beacause his lower cost and whit bigger damage but with 102 of speed, is the slowest Epic in the game

8.Allosaurus gen 2
The Allo gen 2 is the best Epic theropod but is hard to find, more than Acro!

This creature is faster than others because his rarity (Unique vs Epic) but he is the slowest unique and is worse than lots of uniques without boosts
6.Mortem Rex
Why this apex is worse than other creatures? Some people tell first that Mortem is the strongest creature in the game, but in reality there is no confirmed that is advantage in Apex vs Unique when they have the same speed, so all the strength of Mortem Rex is removed in one moment
Yes, a Epic is over a Apex but I’m talking about a creature with many,many resistances and that is faster than Mortem, yes he had the lowest damage on this top but he have Persistent Ferocious Strike, a Attack that Increase damage 50%

4.Marsupial Lion/ Andrewsarchus
The first 2 on 1 on the top, these 2 rare Rending attackers are incredible for his rarity, (literally, they are monsters in all rare and epic no hybrids tournaments and in Carno raid)

This legendary is easy to fuse and strong, whit his swamp prevention inmunity and swamp in savagery is a excellent idea to pvp, and in raids he always hit the minions

2.Indominus Rex/Tryostronix
Other 2 in 1 are the Tryostronix and the Indominus,The Tryos is a important part of all raids but is good in arena, but when she’s buffed she have 50% to do a crit, so when the opponent has more than 4200 points of live, try to have luck! Indo is more of pvp but is useful in some raids, with his big damage (1500) and big critical chance (30%) you can do many damage when she attack with Armor Piercing Rampage after using Revenge Cloak, the two had many resistances, but Indo has more resistances. The two are powerful legendaries, but I think that Indominus is better because his cloak, she have 75% chance to dodge 67% of the attack and can do the Double or triple of the damage on the next turn.

What is better than this super attackers? Here is the king of the attackers, the Allosino, with 15% of armor,20% of crit chance, 4500 points of live, 1800 points of attack and 106 of speed, she can kill broken tanks like Mammolania or Entelolania, with his instant charge, she can kill faster creatures like other fierces, for example Andrew, Marsupial Lion, Mortem, Edapho or even cunnings for all this reasons, with the low cost component, Allosino is the number 1 in the top and the best fierce in my opinion.

how is m rex number 6

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Yeah, it is really good! It should be number 1 or 2!

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How is allosino so high?

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High damage + armor + instant charge + high health + decent speed.

Morty has speed decrease resistance, starts at level 26 and isn’t too difficult to get


Beacause he hasn’t many resistances or speed compared with others, and is MY opinion

Morty i think has the most resistances of any chomper, very decent speed for one, the most dmg and a huge cleanse hit

Mortem rex is the number 1 fierce in the game right now

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