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Top 10 Players - Most Used Creatures

I did one of these more than 6 months ago with the top 5 players. This time I did the top 10 players to see what creatures they are playing and then play those same top 8, but at my level.

This shows the before top 5 and today’s top 10 - Top 8 used creatures.

Now, of course, those top 8 creatures on my team at my level. I played one battle, thought I was going to die but ended up winning, bringing in Phorasaur 3 times in a nail biting battle.

My Team 20200817

So here you go, if you want to go for the best of the best based on the top players usage, these are it.


Monolorhino: my time has come…

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Indy made the list, yay!

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My team:
My Team 20200817
The team I beat 3 to 1:
Opponent Team
OK, kind of a weak opponent team but I went up against Blue, Deinocheirus and Indoraptor. I don’t know what their 4th was.

I had Magna, Phorus, Monolorhino and Tryko… used them all in this order.

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nice. the speeds.