Top 10 Players Top Creatures

If your looking to get the best creatures in the game, look no further than the top 10 players.

The top 10 players use only 12 different creatures.
All 10 players used the 1st three on the list.
Oddly the Apex creatures didn’t hit the top 8 so the creatures in green are a winning team.

These are the creatures to work toward at this point in time. This looks like a pretty decent team.


Get Phorat and Monorat out of there and it’d be a really good team

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Impressive, two of them are still using Hadros. When you look at the top 8 choices, Hadros doesn’t compete much…

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My excitement for being in the top 10 is unimaginable

A lot of variety going on up there


Hadros worth nothing anymore, Ludia can’t balance a creature. It’s too OP or noob as hell.


Is there a reason why grypo is so good?

i dont think its effective to look at the top 10 players for team advice; id say most of their success comes from the large difference of games played rather than win percentage id estimate.

i think it would be better to look at the top 100 or top 200’s teams for better overall team analysis. but those 8 do look really good still

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Best weapon against the most OP dino currently (Testacornibus) Don’t thank me, I just learned that recently :slight_smile:


Yeah grypo does pretty decently. It’s probably the closest thing to a deer counter that we currently have. I’m still surprised by how often the deer resists being pinned though…

Not really, it’s quite likely that many players in the top 100 didn’t spend as much money on the game as, let say, the top 20. Basically, can the top players from 50 to 100 can change dinos as quickly as the top 10? I don’t think so. Can they get the new dinos that came out in the last update as fast as the top 10? I don’t think so. Do they have unlimited boosts like the top 10? etc, etc, etc. So if you want an instant picture, I think you have to go for the top 10 to top 20. These are the guys who can adapt quickly, change dino on the fly with other fully boosted dinos, etc, etc. Sure, top 100 are a good picture as well. In fact, taking a sample between 100 to 200 would likely give us a good idea of what typical players should aim for with limited ressources. (Though, I would bet that all of them already have maxed out Sono and Testa as well… But maybe not the latest monster like Indotaurus)