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Top 10 Strongest Dinosaur Hyrbid Bite Forces

Top 10 Strongest Dinosaur Hyrbid Bite Forces

The bite force of the Purutaurus and Purrolyth are going to change since Purussaurus had the third strongest bite force in the animal kingdom

  1. Koolabourgiana: 6000 Psi

  2. Grykeleken 8000 Psi
    JWA_PressKit_Grylenken (1)

  3. Grypolyth: 9000 Psi

  4. Megalosuchus: 11000 Psi
    Megalosuchus (1)

  5. Thoradolosaurus: 16000 Psi

  6. Tyrannolophosaurus: 20000 Psi

  7. Sarcorixis: 24000 Psi

  8. Purrolyth: 28760 Psi
    JWA_PressKit_Purrolyth (1)

  9. Purutaurus 30260 Psi

  10. Geminititan: 100000 Psi

No…this is so inaccurate


Yeah sure, some of their components may have strong bites, but that does not mean that the hybrid automaticly has a strong bite

I mean serisuly just look at the purrus theres no way they can bite neraly as hard as purrusaurus


a long neck with 100k bite force?! Well explain why giraffes cant eat crabs


I get the koola DNA and stuff(tho i couldn’t even find the bite force on that), but thats some megalodon tier bite right there