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Top 250 battling sucks


Currently ranked 16x ish and waiting for a battle has become tiresome. Ive been trying to get a match to start for 30 minutes already. Keeps timing all the way down then offers a bot.

Either rework matches or have a lower countdown.


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Yesterday, my timer just reset at the end… didn’t even get an option to fight A.I.


I purposefully lose to outside top 500 so i can battle :smiley:


Same problem. I tried to drop down just to see if there was any difference. But still the same. Something has to change. I mean out of 15 tries and get to battle 2 ppl. Did everyone leave?

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I see lots of LVL 28 Dino’s in the low 4300 now. Battling just plain sucks


Apparently many ppl dropped the game … :confused:


yup, it’s always sucked :sweat_smile:
anytime after like 7-8 PM PST i don’t even try

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2nd time facing A.I. Within 24 hours …
Was a little surprised when it pulled out an Erlidom :scream::scream:


its fun when they pull out 2 erlidoms :sweat_smile:

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Its gotta be arena dropping… to get fast matches cause galaxy gamer data has this game at 58k atm and was 51k 3 weeks ago. It trended up after 1.6 and has sat there since. And leaderboard doesnt show any kind of ban wav.