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Top 3 Issues


if you don’t want to read the whole story, skip down

I was really excited about playing this game because I just never got into Pokémon Go. I hated their battle system and only watched my friends played and decided it wasn’t for me.
I love dinosaurs and the battle system here is exciting, challenging, and makes me want to play all day.

I haven’t played the game that long and I’m only level 11, but there are already things that bother me so much, it makes me want to quit.

  1. PVP Bugs
    Network issues or whatever the reason, it has happened to me on wifi or mobile network. When you select an attack, nothing happens, and the button disappears. This appears in pvp and pve battles.
    I’ve read that a lot of people experience this and it’s a guarenteed loss, because you don’t have enough time to restart the game. This brings me to point number two.

  2. Loading Times
    This game takes way too long to load. Both from starting the game or having new map sections load and dinosaurs/battle arenas taking forever to spawn.
    This wouldn’t bother me so much, but when bugs cause me to restart my game at least three times every 15 minutes or so…it gets ridiculous (any bug I submit to the team they say “restart the game and it should fix the issue”, I don’t want to restart my game Everytime there’s a bug!)

  3. GPS Tracking
    Why is my GPS not accurate?
    Why does it get “stuck” and I have to literally open Google Maps, where it updates and shows my location just fine, and then go back into the game for the game to also update my GPS properly.
    At least I don’t have to restart the game, but…

All these things cause me to lose fights, miss dinosaurs, and make me pull my hair.

There’s other minor bugs, issues with coins, spawn selection, and drone issues I could get into, but these are my main three.

Thoughts? Comments?

Lastly, drones are really stable. Have you ever flown one? If I was shooting darts to extract DNA, why do I need to shoot the tail??? Keep it to the body, move them around, epics have smaller circles, but it’s so dumb that on some creatures (regardless of rarity) it’s easier or insanely difficult to hit shots.
Can we have like a gun? Or the drone can shoot instantly on touching instead of holding down and releasing?


Agreed on all issues raised.

On the issue of coins, I can see some improvements made by the developer i.e. treasure chests, frequent strike towers. However, the costs to level up dinos is still considered steep. Especially for high level players. This is something that need to be addressed.

On the issue of darts, yes it is awkward that it is limited to just 140 pcs. Why 140? Not 150 or 200? Not sure. I think min of 250 pcs is nice.

It is a nice suggestion raised on the issue of the circle on the tail when darting dinos. Hopefully they’ll listen.

  1. I haven’t experienced any bugs in the game since it’s initial release but now and again I do run into someone in the Arena who must have been lagged or had to drop out. Whether this is Ludia or something to do with specific phone networks I don’t know.

  2. The loading times are irritating to the extreme and there really is no need for it.

  3. Again, I’ve not really had a problem with this. The occasional GPS drift has actually helped me in the past to get a supply drop that was just beyond my range.