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Top 3 Uniques That Are Worse Than Their Previous Evolution + Rework (2.0)

Indoraptor: Used to be an anti-tank speedster, being better than indominus in many ways than one, but since 2.0 is a straight downgrade in every way possible.

Health: 3900
Attack: 1400
Speed: 128
Armor: 0%
Critical: 20%

Cleansing Strike
Defense Shattering Rampage
Evasive Stance

Same resistances + 50% to vulnerable

Thoradolosaur: Loss of its rampage made it just a weaker Allosinosaurus in most cases. Sure, it has a higher crit chance and has 2 shield shattering moves, but do you actually care if it’s way inferior in physical stats?

Health: 4500
Attack: 1700
Speed: 107
Armor: 10%
Critical: 40%

Fierce Strike
Group Shattering Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Instant Charge

Same resistances

Dracoceratosaurus: Its problem lies in the abundance of resilient creatures and frail HP, just for 100 extra attack and 2 extra speed. Can’t pierce armor or destroy shields, so do you really wanna use this now?

Health: 3900
Attack: 1600
Speed: 125
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

Fierce Strike
Cunning Impact
Acute Stunning Strike
Cleansing Impact

Swap In Rending Attack

Same resistances

That’s my list… do you agree? Leave thoughts in comments.


Seems fair. I think Erli could maybe be on that list too. It went from being a force to reckon with to a usual one-shot-then-death dino.


Erlidom isn’t too bad of a trade-off. You are faster and have a better chance of pulling a cloak, unless of course Quetzorion shows up and ruins your day (and personally distracting impact makes it a better 1v1 fighter if, ya know, resilient didn’t invade)

Yeah but the cloak is barely useful with resilience and at 50% its a crap shoot. Erli still has a place. But I remember getting it and thinking, “Oh yeah, 'bout to wreck fools”…now its not even on my team anymore in favor of a legendary.

Besides against tryko, speed boosts fix the problem with the speed decrease

Completely agree with all of these, especially Thor. Allosinosaurus has armor too, so it makes the HP and damage difference even MORE noticeable. It really is better in pretty much every way. I would honestly be ok if all they did was make its HP the same as Allosino and gave it its rampage back.

I haven’t used either much myself, but I wonder if Indo G2 should be on the list because of how good Indominus Rex 2 is?

Not a unique, hence why I didn’t include it. I could make a legendary list for superhybrids.


Lol that’s true, I was just thinking about it in principle, since I bet there’s hybrids worse than their components at all levels.

I would also like to bring up erlikospyx, and here is why: We live in a resilient meta, and with every top tier able to slow, being immune to decel is huge. Spinonyx may not be able beat some top tiers, but it goes 1 for 1 with maxima and tryko. Meanwhile, spyx can be slowed and easily beaten with anything resilient


That Thor stats are OP. No thanks.
About Draco, just stick with the legendary one.

What should really be changed are those raid dinos, like dilorach, Tuora and spyx. Give them swap in or more resistances.

The easiest ways to fix them is to give everything a raid and pvp moveset, but wdym thor’s stats are op? it’s still slow, still loses to tryko and tenonto, all speedsters and even max, gemini, and lania with those stats. It’ll only be good with boosts, like it’s always been

I feel like Spyx would be fine in a different meta, so that’s more of an issue with the current meta than with itself. Its not like Thor where its practically the same as its legendary counterpart, only with worse stats, where the legendary would always be the better version.

But isn’t that the issue here? Right now it is true that legendary Draco is objectively the better version. But Uniques are harder to make, so shouldn’t the unique be better than the legendary?

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Legendary Draco is better for resilient meta. Meta can change, once meta becomes fierce unique Draco steps up.

Thor is balanced and useful, it still kills a lot, even if it loses one on one, it can still do a lot of damage and create a setup for your next dino.
Long necks are a bit OP for now, then slightly adjust them instead of creating another monster.

That’s true that a lot of this is meta dependent, like I was saying with Erlikospyx. The moves are basically the same, only legendary draco is more relevant right now with all the tanks running around. But even then, legendary draco outclasses its unique in raw stats. Unique draco has a slight edge in damage with 100 more and 2 more speed, but Legendary draco has 900 more health than unique! For a dino that’s designed to swap in with a rending attack (that does 40% health anyway regardless of Dracos own attack), do some damage, and get out, health is probably the most important stat, so that 900 health is really important. So even ignoring moves, legendary Draco is just better. And again, aren’t the uniques supposed to be the ones with better stats, or at least better overall?

Regarding your Thor comments, while you’re right that Thor can still be good, the problem here is that right now Allosino will always be better (at least in arena) with it’s practically identical moveset and superior stats. And I would agree that tanks are generally too strong right now, but I would argue that part of the reason they are is a lack of good counters. So buffing Thor back up could actually help balance out tanks by finally giving them a counter to worry about. Though I would be careful with how strong they make it - I would probably leave it’s speed where it is and just give it rampage, a health buff to 4500 (putting it the same as Allosino) and a slight damage buff would be all I would do.


But so many creatures do this better. Even allosino does a better job of this

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“Legendary ingredient should be worse than its unique hybrid”
It definitely makes sense for us players since uniques take more effort to make. However, it is not really an argument for Ludia. They have been doing this for years. For example Utahsino/Rinex and Vexus/Monomimus, the legendary one was better than unique for a few patches.

You basically want Thor to go back to the state one year ago, when it 3-0 everything including speedsters all the time. No thanks. As I said above, Thor as a chomper right now is quite balanced. If Allosino is that good as you said, people will level it up, then some people will cry for nerfs.

Better chompers are coming, like mortem rex and possibly an alloraptor-based one. I don’t think Ludia would buff Thor(a dino that everyone has) anytime soon from a business perspective.

Unboosted that Thor couldn’t do anything to a traditional speedster. You have a problem with boosts, not thor


You should want boosted nitro Thors back cuz believe me a nitro Thor is wayyy better than someone putting those boosts on a Magna.