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Top 300 alliance is actively recruiting

Get Jurassicked(Top 300 alliance) is looking to add a some great members to our alliance. We are a 9/8 alliance where everyone is active and friendly. We hit 380,000 trophies last months tournament. We have removed inactive players and are looking to hit higher this month. That’s where you come in. We have a few rules that require the use of discord, we control our sancs and vote on dino placement for bi-weekly resets to meet our teams needs. You must be active (1 week inactive without contacting leaders/officers and you are removed) and you must participate in the tournament to at least defeat your 10 creatures. If you have a dying alliance, we may be willing to take on the players who are still active and want to stay together. If this looks like a good fit for you please reach out to me.

Hello! I’m the co leader of Limitless but it’s dying due to inactivity and lack of respect for the rules.

I’m consistently number one every tournament so far. And that’s just after getting my ten take downs. That’s how inactive everyone is…

I’m a little over 4000 trophies. Any room for me?

Sure thing. Just send me your in-game name and #

I’m currently in an alliance, but looking for players that are able to get their sanctuary levels up. Level 20, 4808 trophies and active daily.

Are you looking to join. Us?

What level sanctuaries do you guys get to?

We run out sanctuaries a bit differently than most but our members prefer it that way as we have tried them all. We run themed sancs with 2 dino types per sanc and multiple copies of the 2 Dino’s. This enables us to use more than just 2 sancs lvld to 20 and yeilds the same amount of dna. Typically they end up around lvl 10. This is more effective for us than running 2-3 sancs with 16 different Dino’s in them.

There’s a whole science behind this if a mathmatical breakdown is required, suffice it to say we’re not idiots.