Top 5 Alliance is Recruiting

Fresh off our 3rd Top 5 finish, SWAMP CHOMP is recruiting!

The Swamp has been Top 10 every month for nearly a whole calendar year now, and we’ve achieved this by being a family that’s true to itself: Competitive But Fun. That’s who we are, and that’s why we’re different. Our strength comes from how strong we are top to bottom with every voice being heard and valued. We’re a true team, and our players take pride in what we stand for. And at the end of the day, we root each other on while making each other laugh.

A little more about us:

• Three Top 5 finishes in the Alliance Championship, placing 5th in the most recent (10 straight Top 10 finishes)
• Three level 20 sanctuaries, and an unrivaled farm sanc strategy (best co-op in the game)
• Some of the top players in the whole game giving the best advice for the arena and tournaments
• Live streaming battles daily through Discord
• In-house tournaments
• Focus on strategy and player development
• Commitment to help teammates get that apex DNA
• Cool, unselfish people who love their alliance

What we ask:

• To follow simple and easy sanctuary rules (just don’t place any dinos in our L20 sancs)
• Use Discord (this is our main source of communication)
• 10 takedowns each tournament and players who try their best to push for 1000 medals each tournament

If ur interested in joining The Swamp, please send me a friend request on Discord at SK#3272

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SWAMP CHOMP and SWAMPING GROUNDS are both looking for new players to welcome Monday for the start of the next championship!

SC has been a top 5-10 alliance for over a year, while SG is currently the highest-ranked partner alliance in the world (19th) in its first-ever alliance championship.

All players in our fun and competitive family are in the same Discord server, raiding together, strategizing together and cracking jokes together. Both alliances benefit from three level 20 sanctuaries, while earning the top tier championship rewards and 10/10 alliance mission rewards.

We’re looking for tournament-focused players who do their 10 takedowns every week and strive to average 1000 medals per tourney and beyond.

Please join our Swamp Recruitment server here (Swamp Recruitment) or DM me if you’re interested in joining what we like to call “The Home of the Hundred”