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Top 5 Suggestions for the next update

To the decision makers at Ludia,

I have a few suggestions (requests) for JWA.

  1. Revert Cloak back to how it was in v1.7 and previous (Ideal). Cloak and Dodge mean two totally different things, yes they are both evasive abilities, but their mechanics are different. Cloak should be like an invincibility, you can’t get hit if you get it. With so many ways to defeat Cloak, there is no need to have a Dino take damage if they do end up getting Cloak. Please revert Cloak back to how it was. Dodge can stay as is, but Cloak shouldn’t have been nerfed, IMO.

  2. At the start of every tournament season, everyone should get a redo on their boosts. This would allow people, especially at lower levels to redo their stat boost on newly acquired or upgraded dinos. It would be a nice thing to do since people have either worked hard to acquire them or payed quite a bit for them.

  3. Every non unique should be in rotation to find on any particular day, e.g. Rare Baryonx Gen 2 needs to be collectible in neighborhoods, parks, shopping centers, etc. Nothing should be incubator only, please.

  4. This is more of an overhaul to how Priority/Swap work. Priority moves should always beat swap in. There aren’t many dinos with Priority, but Priority means you go first, not “you go first, unless someone swaps then we’ll let that Dino go first, then you can go.” Please change the order of Swap in to be 2nd to any Priority move.

  5. Tuoramoloch and Tuojiangosaurus both need about 15% armor minimum, if it has plates or spikes on its back or spikes/club on its tail, it should get armor. Also,to do this please don’t penalize health, this is simply an add to bring it up to what it should be. I don’t see why stegosaurus like dinos, with plates, tail spikes have no armor - that not how they were when they walked this earth. This will affect Kentrosaurus and Miragia too.