Top 500 alliance looking for players

Hello everyone.

Please read completely and send direct message in messenger or discord (Luigi#1483) or (odious#8336)

I am a Leader of my two alliances Trebax Apex Heroes 1 and 2

We are looking for:

  1. In Trebax 1: 3 strong candidates.
  2. In Trebax 2: New players who want to grow and learn from our leaders how to make strong players.

------- Requirements Trebax Apex Heroes 1 -------

  1. Respect all sanctuary rules.
  2. Beat 10 dinos in the weekend tournament.
  3. Have 3000+ trophies to enter.
  4. You must join Discord.

------- Requirements Trebax Apex Heroes 2 -------

  1. New player who wants to grow.
  2. Must join discord.
  • If you are a good player who applies to his duties, there will be a promotion to enter Trebax 1. Priority will be given to Trebax 2 before posting to search for players.


feetTrebax 1feet

  1. Incubators level 8/9 in tournaments.
  2. Incubators level 8/9 on the weekly.
  3. Three sanctuaries level 20.
  4. Private discord to support raids. Beginners will be trained by our professionals in raids and pvp.

feetTrebax 2 feet

  1. Specialized sanctuaries to grow.
  2. Special training for raids and pvp. (They must enter into discord).

Send a direct message to my facebook or my discord if you are interested.

Take care and thanks for reading my post. pray