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Maybe its just me but I am losing interest fast. Are we just playing just to wait for the next patch each time? What is the trick to keep the game interesting at this point?

Had it not been for my best looking alliance in the game (shout out Dunes) and my quest for level 30 Apatosaurus (Highest health in the game) I’m not even too sure I would even open the game this week.

But hey there is Trex to dart … so is everyone else so you’re not really progressing at all. I stopped spending money after Christmas and don’t regret it at all.


I keep playing to try to get into the ApexPredators alliance but my application keeps finding it’s way to the shredder…:slight_smile:

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I make little challenges for myself and make a side game out of it.
On serious event days I play solo to get more done, but on blah days I ride copilot with a buddy and argue about the game, tier list, best locals, and talk mad smack to each other that would offend most people.
If it weren’t for the added social aspect and stupid personal challenges I don’t think I would stop playing completely, but I would slowly phase out of it like I did with Pogo.
You have to keep in mind that we consume content faster than it can be put out and the game wasn’t designed for us.


Best looking alliance? I think not.


Maybe he was talking about the players…lol

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Got photos of that too :wink: Genetics has blessed both us and our lvl 30 dinos


To comment seriously on the main topic, I just always pick a dino to get to 30, and go at it. Start with tyrant Dinos then work my way to apex. Currently working on monostego.

I do wish updates were a tad more frequent though. I get the fatigue, especially with all of the tournaments back to back.


My initial game goal was top 500. Did that. Team is currently level 26+ uniques and the grind is intense now. The game needs some variety and agreed, more frequent updates. 3-4 month span gets stale fast

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you’re bringing a knife to a thermonuclear warhead fight, mate.


Samesies …
losing interest/getting bored/frustrated… waiting to see what 1.7 holds to decide my level of long term commitment :man_shrugging:t4:


If they ever tweet a teaser for 1.7… Ludia better get to it. :thinking:

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We just need anything to keep our interest up. Like what they did with the last patch hybrids. Give us a little something to talk about except for how much health Apatosaurus has all the time.


I still haven’t hit my goal of a full level 30 team. Of course, that could take me forever, due to all that playing time I’m missing due to writing. :wink: Then again, with my RNG-luck keeping me barely in the top 250 with a level 28 team average, doesn’t feel like it’d much matter. :smiley: I just don’t have top 50 in my blood anymore. Simply not lucky enough.


I agree. Anything at this time to give us something to do or hope for. I do expect good things to come in this patch. But hopefully it’s not still weeks out

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Yeah it is getting stale. Im am fed up of all ths RNG battles. I wish they would make the game more skill orientated

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Your bringing a fair argument to a game forum, mate.


When I can’t stand the sight of another thor, utarinex, or tryko I drop. Right now I’m heading to the marshes to field a team of epics and have some fun.

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I find my 2nd account is much more fun to PvP with. Tonight, I set up a level 10 team of 6 immune and 2 poisoners. I have the 2 common and rare dodging birds, the common and rare Dimetrodons, Ophiacodon and Ankylocodon, Spinosuarus and Scaphognathus with swap in wound, heal and swoop out. I play Scapho like Dracoceratops…swap in, hit, heal and swoop out.

I beat three teams in a row with higher dino’s, all good battles.

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Awweee it even looks like a little Dino :slight_smile:


Keep your chin up, I have an optimistic perspective on incoming 1.7, and I believe it should be coming soon if the recent teaser’s any indicator