Top 500 update


In case you’re interested, to be in the top 500 you now need 3588 trophies


Was this close…
Then Baam!!! All kind of robots came out with op creatures. Lost 10 times in a row.


How did you get so many 8hr incubators?


I can’t answer for anyone else, but I usually incubate my 3hrs during the day, and the 8hrs at night. This generally leaves me with a lot of 8hr incubators.


I have found a lot of 8 hours now come out of the marshes. I also use the 8 hour over night, makes sense unless your an insomniac


3573 … I was so close … but nah, of course I had to loose to the guy with only Legendaries then. His first two weren’t that great, but Stegodeus is just OP (no, I’m not crying for a nerf, it’s okay … you just need strategy and luck getting the right 4 out of 8).

Well, after loosing twice you only fight computers until you win … LV 25 computers, much fun. Luckily I didn’t drop too much … computers aren’t as OP as people always write here.