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Top Alliance Recruiting!

Greetings, fellow JWA players! As of July 26th, Kelliance is looking for 1 battling fiend for immediate placement!

About us:
Very active, very friendly, and very global
Long standing 10/10 alliance
Top 10 finish in every Alliance Championships
Dual shared, max level sanctuaries with the occasional 3rd to accommodate big FIP bundles
Developing strategies toward 100% raid completion rate within alliance
Communication in Discord
No real “rules”, just solid structure

About you:
Live and love to battle, especially in tournaments
Preferably locked and loaded with advantage tournament options
Desire to grow and thrive with the team
Willing to put in high levels of contributions to achieve elite levels of team success

If you fit this mold, send a DM to Hermione #9265 on DISCORD :slight_smile: You will need to add as friend first if you are not already in a mutual server. Cheers!